God Is In - Billy Jonas (music and lyrics)

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

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I've seen this live and heard it many times. It always moved me to tears. All blessings to Billy Jonas and his co-writers.  My favorite hymn.

Author — Mary Potter


Wow. Saw you several times years ago. Have all your CDs from then. It's so cool to rediscovery with lyrics. Shared!!!

Author — David Mc


I saw him at Pebble Hill Church, love him!

Author — Jo Harris


Thx for the memories. Saw you at Philadelphia Folk Festival 2021. Daughter barely old enough to talk was obsessed with this song and knew every word, and then she met you after your performance <3

Author — Phoebe Coombs


This was the first song I heard by Billy Jonas and I went straight to the record tent and bought the CD. It was the gospel workshop on Sunday morning at Summerfolk in Owen Sound the year of the great blackout. It took him 3 days to get there but he finally made it and what a wonderful joy to discover his music.

Author — Julie Biddle


When I first heard this years ago, I thought "Gotta sin" was one of those final homophonish lines.

Author — Bad Gyro