4,500KM Train Ride Across Canada - Part 1

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Part 1 of our nearly 5,000km train journey across Canada with Via Rail!
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Disclosure: as mentioned in the video, my tickets were complimentary in exchange for this video series. All opinions expressed are my own.

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As always, I'm Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!

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What do you think, would you take a train ride this long?
Hope you enjoyed this episode... Part 2 coming soon! 🛤🇨🇦

Author — The New Travel


Aren't trains just the best?!! Such a beautiful way to travel.

Author — Talk Talk


Excellent video and informative. It looks very comfortable and the food looks amazing, especially when compared to Amtrak. I live in Calgary and would love to do this trip one day across Canada.

Author — Michael Cush


Beautiful edit man, can’t wait to see the next installment!!

Author — DiscoverWithDima


Thanks for the video! I hope you’re going to show us the whole trip! 😃

Author — James L


This is great. Shows of you style really well. How 'bout making a list of the Great Train Trips of the World and a taking us on the journey!! OH, HI NARI! Good to see you back.

Author — Scot Verdin


Tu país es muy hermosa espero algún día poder visitarla 😌 saludos desde Mexico

Author — Mexican Blood


Wow this video was súper cool Dan. I'll definitely be watching the next episode!

Author — dr gato


I'm so excited and looking forward to watching your entire journey!! I wish you could extend your adventure to the Atlantic provinces, but anyways this is so amazing!!

Author — Diego Cuellar


Excited to see the rocky mountains :D, looks amazing

Author — Ariel Madrigal


Would have loved to see a little more detail like ticket cost, how the upper berth looks like and what meal options you had.

Author — Rahul Chikhale


This is great. All I can do is dream about it.

Author — Corvus


Wooowww!! We rode the train from Ottawa to Winnipeg (2 nights) and it was AMAZING to see the beauty of Ontario. So many lakes and trees... Wow! Honestly riding the train at least once in Canada is a must, because the train goes through such stunning landscapes. But honestly, all the way from Vancouver to Montreal is brave!!!:P But it seems you got to experience the beauty of Canada in a very unique way:)

Author — Gab & Maya Backpacking


I'm an International student from Korea and I had no chance to take train in Canada.
Its on my list. Looks awesome!!!!♥

Author — Venturing Lily 릴리의 모험


I love this💜 really shows the beauty of our country, proud Albertan!

Author — Alexa Prpich


So beautiful 😍. Home sweet home my dear Dan💚🇨🇦❤😊 You look happier when Nari is with you

Author — Mary Aaa


Why do I watch your channel?! Now I'm going to have to take this trip. Keep the videos coming, you're one of the few people whose videos I watch from beginning to end religiously.

Author — C Arm


I would love to do this trip someday. Was there a difference in comfort from the upper to the lower berth? When I travelled on the Amtrak in the roomettes the upper berth had a thinner mattress than the lower berth.

Author — Tracey Janzen


Awesome video Dan! I love train travel, if I could do it all the time I would.

Author — Branden Stewart


this is exciting! I"ve always wanted to make the trip across Canada I think at one time it went all the way to Halifax if I'm not mistakenl

Author — Leland Peck