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Yasuo Pre-Season 6 Crit Change + Warlord's Bloodust Mastery OP in League of Legends?

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Im pretty sure Yasuo is gonna be so strong in the ADC meta.

Author — Thexan Elis


Thanks for this video! The pre-season content is really gonna help me out when season 6 launches! Stay awesome!

Author — IMP


Red, if he needs to be nerfed what would you nerf on him? Because i cant think of something, maybe lower the crit dmg from 190% to 180%, his shield maybe or the ult armorpen. Any ideas what could be done?
Awesome videos btw!!!!
EDIT: Since im a yasuo main im so hyped but also really afraid what will happen to him, but regardless of what happens i will keep playing him anyway xD

Author — Berti


You should still build static on yasuo. It's cheaper (thus and easier first item) and I find that if you're behind in lane it helps with harassing from distance (since the electricity prioritizes champions).

Author — Eric Gilbertson


Hey red can yuh do a short video on the changes for Lucian? Or even include a build path for him? I think AD and CDR works well for him now that he's ult doesn't scale of AS. So yeah just want your opinion on which build path would be better. Thanks

Author — muhammad ali


I honestly think Ashe will be really strong with the new masteries. Basically oppression and the crit things.

Author — Shaylan Dias


Seems like there's gonna be less ap being played preseason 6 but rise of the Rammus

Author — Ivan Li


I liked the two builds where you had to sacrifice your runes or one slot for triforce to get 100% crit. This is just way too strong and I main the guy.

Author — Robert B


Red this fits your league of myths series better, but can alistar actually be invincable for 4 second (all damage) with the new PD and scirmisher scabre? scirmisher´s sabre reduces incoming dmg by 20% for 4 seconds his ult reducing 70% for 7 seconds and PD for 12% a total of 102%(100% probably)?If not what happens if u buy ninja tabi and also omen and an enemy crits u?

Author — SeyHan3232


I AM BEYOND HYPED for these yasuo changes, XD These preseason changes are amazing. I hope I get excepted to pbe soon :P I especially love the new statik shiv particle look, it looks sexy. Nice penta! I got my first Yasuo penta the other day, it felt amazing

Author — AdvancedSoda


as a Yasuo main who played on pbe, I still preff Shiv. yes it gives 5% AS less but boots compensate, but it gives way more crit giving more rune options and cuz brawlers glove got buffed I advice it as a starting item cuz 20% crit gives nice early dmg and sustain by the Keymastery. PD is good if u are behind, not fan of the new Firecannon item cuz passive cannot crit but maybe fits in a splitpush build cuz it procs on towers.

Author — Yandere Yandere


People don't realize that the mastery change is an unintentional buff to him so a nerf is probably necessary to keep him where he currently is

Author — Spoogly


Man you forgot Ashe;Trynd(he hurts)...

Author — 32Ping


I think yasuo jungle might be valid now because of that mastery, once you get a little crit your jungle sustain would be good

Author — DefyImagin


I agree that yasuo will be able to snowball out of control but he already can do that and you were facing 3 adc and they are natually squish. I think yasuo will still be able to be stopped with a lil hard cc

Author — claydawg003


great video and season 6 is going to be insane for AD Carry champs it seems

Author — Shearper2


with the new ie changes would it be better to get ie first on yasuo since it now gives 50 percent crit and with yasuos passive giving him double crit he would get 100 percent crit from ie ? or is the utility of static shic and gold effiiciency just a better start?

Author — Michael Soliman


And don't forget the buffed Statik Shiv passive, the AP you now get for free for your E, the lower cost of IE and extra attack speed on boots (shiv has 5% less tho). All in one, I think Yasuo will be a nightmare and unfortunately will get nerfed as a result. :/

Author — Sigi Baes


19:55 that bugged red minion chillin in place

Author — Jopa D


Oh my I was thinking about this build/mastery page too, super hyped, trying to control myself and behave! It seems I am not the only one. The hype for S6 Yasuo is real! XD

Author — Dünna [Red Side]