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The 600-Year-Old Sword Found in Texas | Christie's 4.5

‘I was stunned when the pieces started falling into place,’ recalls specialist Howard Dixon of the moment an unassuming folio of photographs was presented to him in a restaurant in Texas earlier this year.

On the seventh page, a small photograph showed a medieval Italian broadsword — a piece which bore a striking resemblance to another that had been mysteriously missing since the 1940s. Until that moment, says Dixon, ‘no one knew where it had gone, and the trail had gone cold.’

In this video, Dixon reveals how a ‘twin’ sword in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art helped trace the Harriet Dean sword’s history back to 15th century Cyprus — describing what it felt like to make ‘a once in a lifetime discovery.’


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Thanks for all of your questions about gloves.

I spoke to Howard Dixon to find out more, and he explained that where possible specialists avoid wearing gloves to reduce the risk of an object slipping out of their grip!

In this case the sword is handled in a temperature-controlled room, with clean hands, and wiped down immediately after handling, so the risk of corrosion damage is minimal.

Author — Christie's


today i realised there is a clear distinction between 'found in' and 'excavated in'.



The inscription reads in translation: "Donation of al-Mālik al Mu`ayyad Abū al-Nasr Shaykh to the armory in the frontier city of Alexandria [in the] year 822

Author — Renshi Nishi


Well, it does have Arabic writing close the grip confirming the story told.

Author — Sam me


It would be amazing to hold such history.

Author — S Speck


Aragorn stop leaving your weapons around for the kids to find please.

Author — Drago Musevini


They should not be handling that Sword without gloves

Author — Mybusinessnoturs


It's things like this that inspired me to get my degree in History.

Author — Evan


600 year old sword and he picks it up without gloves on. uhhhh...

Author — Paul M


My first thoughts on reading the title was Duffle Bag bring back from one of the World Wars.

Author — rancid pitts


So that Age of Empire 3 campaign where an army of Persian Janissary accompanying a Malta Knight Crusaders to America is not entirely made up is it?

Author — Richter Belmont


That fucking blade looks amazing even through the screen you can see how it moves in the hands. The distal taper, the balance, blade geometry are perfection. I can only guess how light that sword is and what a pleasure it must feel like to swing it. Absolutely amazing amazing piece made by someone who knew exactly what they were doing.

Author — kuribo1


"WOW" factor at work here. This is worth a trip to NY just to see. What a great find. Thank you for sharing.

Author — DrDread


Wonder how many heads that sword has chopped of

Author — Jstbb Me


600 years later...
Carl: Hey bob look what at this rare find, wipes off dirt.
Bob: *gasps*, *tears up*, I've been searching for this for 17 years.
*Camera reveals fidget spinner.*

Author — Alex Winchester


♩♬♩♬"In a restaurant... In a West end town.... Call the police there's a madman Running down underground
To a dive bar in a West end In a West end town a dead end world!!! The Eastern boys and Western ♩♬ ♩♬


Author — Strange Person


That sword is amazing, I want to hold it!

Author — Vlad the Impaler


"In this case the sword is handled in a temperature-controlled room, with clean hands, and wiped down immediately after handling, so the risk of corrosion damage is minimal."

And there you have it. As per usual, the howling, unwashed masses of YouTube experts don't know what the hell they were bitching about.

Author — blackflask


Not sure that In the 15th century Cyprus had a king? Might it be from when the Venicians ruled Cyprus? Théy called it an Italian sword. The Arabic script likely added when it was in the hands of the ottomans who ruled Cyprus after the venicians.

Author — Miklmikl Mtrcycl


I would give anything to be able to hold a sword like that

Author — THOTH