Conman: The life and crimes of Mark Acklom

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Conman: The life and crimes of Mark Acklom 4.5
Watch the full story of the cunning fraudster who posed as an MI6 agent to con his ex-girlfriend out of £800,000.

Conman: The Life and Crimes of Mark Acklom features the first TV interview with Diana Acklom, his mother. In it she has an extraordinary theory for her son’s prolific crimes.

Acklom has lodged an appeal against his jail sentence for duping victim Carolyn Woods in a romance scam.

The documentary was made by Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt.

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Dear gold diggers, if a bloke says he is in an intelligence service, then, they are not in an intelligence service

Author — Todd Hellyar


This guy is nothing. My cable provider is the biggest con on the planet.

Author — Max Mason


He's a lightweight, the real pros are; Bankers, IMF, Central Banks, BIS & our leaders! 🙂

Author — Michael John Scott


From the thumbnail i thought they finally caught Joel Olsteen.

Author — Josh-the-mediocre


Give him 50 years and leave him a short length of rope in his cell to save the taxpayer the cost of his imprisonment

Author — anthony littler


I wouldn't give a 15 year old student 15 quid let alone 15000. The teacher is an idiot.

Author — Keith David


Mark Acklom would have thrived in the corporate world!

Missed his calling.

Author — Gerhard Symons


Just imagine what he could have achieved with his power of persuation if he would have done things legally.

Author — Holidayin germany


He should have had a career in politics

Author — Steven Parkes


He has zero conscience. Stealing his father's credit card, ruining his parents. Disgusting.

Author — Haya Glamazon


White collar crime always pays. Just ask the bankers.

Author — vinnie victory


5 yrs for lifelong crimes, good grief this is beyond sad.

Author — hannah anderson


He should’ve just opened up a payday loans business they are no different and legal

Author — Don Gargon


His dad must have had an amazing credit limit on his gold card. Jets, hotels... and what bank would give a boy a half a million pound mortgage? Some of these things just don't add up

Author — Robert Stewart


The staggering size of the brass balls on him to ask the reporter/Sky investigating him for fraud for a loan of money for his appeal! LOL

Author — Paul McNaught


So let me get this straight - secret agents tell everyone that they're secret agents, right?

Author — Korneuburgerin


too bad he went into crime, he would have had a great career in politics

Author — Vim Hill


Suprised a banking group didn't snap him up.

Author — internet champ


Seriously, white collar criminals like this man always get away with almost everything they do. Kind of sad.

Author — Luis C.H.


He is a Malignant Narcissist Psychopath

Author — Ted Wilson