Top 50 MMA knockouts #2 of 2020

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Top 50 MMA knockouts #2 of 2020 4.5

Best MMA knockouts of 2020

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2:32 His face planted on the floor. He went down hard. Damn.

Author — jmg 544


9:24 the announcer was determined to get in his "fortune favors the bold" line no matter what happens

Author — Dustin


at 6:20 that guy get rocked with a vicious upercut! My

Author — Kyle S


Who’s the fighter at 11:27 with that heads kick knock out? I’ve only seen knock out from him never his fights.

Author — Snowman3g


Damn I thought that was Jack - 5 from Tekken @ 15:17

Author — Antonio Allison


Knockout at 15:52 excellent sportsmanship and mental control shown after realizing he'd accomplished defeating his opponent then mentally switching to concern for his opponents safety. Most are still mentally locked on still pounding thier opponents to make a mental decision that quick to turn off the pounding thats unnecessary. Clear quick thinking. Wonder how much of a fighters training goes into recognizing n respecting the refs commands and adhering to the rules.

Author — Ted Thornton


I’m surprised nobody mentioned 3:35; that guy’s hand speed was unreal.

Author — Sergey Zhamaryan


Full respect to the fighters that don't take the cheap nasty shots when their opponent is clearly gone.

Author — Wahey WA


so, how many are you going to duplicate in different parts of the video? damn.

Author — The Chaddingo


Whenever a new fight starts that I haven't seen I try and guess who it is that gets the I always get it wrong THEY end up getting knocked out

Author — Brandon


6:18 Dana white was ringside at this fight for his reality show

Author — Convicted Mike Perry


06:37 that uppercut sent the man to the shadow realm 😐

Author — Adithya Rangaswamy


Dude at 3:48 got hit with the IP Man combo

Author — Hebrew Seven


WTF kind of fighting ring is that??

Author — rodprops


One of the best displays of sportsmanship by Jonas Bilharinho 15:49

Author — AntumDeluge


Should be renamed tatted guys get ko'd by non tatted. Am I the only one who noticed that?

Author — Thomas Mayo


Love the comps, just please try and make sure you don’t put it multiple knockouts twice. It doesn’t bother me, it just looks kind of sloppy and it would tighten the presentation up.

Author — Matt Chastain