Breaking down the Brexit border problem - BBC News

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Breaking down the Brexit border problem - BBC News 4.5

The UK government has been heavily criticised for planning to override part of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement that it reached with the EU.

It acknowledges that doing so would break international law.

At the heart of the latest Brexit escalation is the thorny issue of where customs checks should be between the UK and the EU.

The BBC's Ros Atkins explains the issue, and it's about much more then where the forms get filled in.

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as a indian i can tell brits take forever to leave a country well in this case it is union

Author — Himanshu Shukla


I wish all news could be laid out like this

Author — Mike Finch


So, the unicorn breeding program's having a few problems! What a surprise!

Author — Jim lee


Leaving European Single Market = Independence Day
Good job British people !! Good job !!

Author — Alex Horvath


The border has to be in the Irish Sea.
It's a huge advantage to Northern Ireland which will become a defacto intermediary between the UK and the EU.
Lots of money to be made there 😊

Author — blueplanet hand


Friday 18th. Source Scottish Herald 19, 880 readers voted 68% for Scottish Independence. Breaking international law and pushing both Ireland's under the Brexit Bus has boosted SNP membership over the past 2 days for which 'we' thank you. For the more the English nationalist Brexit push, the larger the majority for Scottish independence. Jog on now England. Enjoy your No-Deal Brexit alone for Scotland will not join you. You did want to take back control of your border. Just as well for you are about to be surrounded by EU external ones.

Author — WavesTvMalta Tom Waller


This'll be a laugh...the official BBC version.

Author — Annoying B'stard


The genius was in the fact that brexit is where it started, only Boris is in charge? Is it a game of musical chairs? You probably wouldn't want to play with him anyway.

Author — d dd


Boris Johnson Coronavirus disaster solutions = let's open Brexit Brexit Brexit drama page again

Author — N Xarigow


I love the live! When some people feel more important than other people, the carousel keeps spinning! Hopefully to a future worth living for our children?

Author — Life love life with rights


Unreal. The whole point of the WA was to erect a border down the Irish sea. it clearly states it and every one reading it knew what it did.
And now that border is unacceptable. NOTHING in the WA has changed...
THERE HAS TO BE border checks somewhere. Square that circle please instead of saying not here, and not there..WHERE then?

Author — Detector1977


BJ has tied himself in knots so he breaks the agreed deal to get him out of a dead end street that he himself drove down.
No deal his is objective and he will get it but at what cost to UK business and workers. Its a deliberate mess that he thinks he can sort after exit.

Author — Keith Rodgers


fighting and digging they love it, dig a canal as the border bring back the Navvies. Let them fight over that,

Author — dan katla sharpe


The border will be between England and Scotland when NI and the Scots, who both voted to be in the EU, walk off hand in hand and join the EU.
The chippy English will have to buy Scots and NI fish then.

Author — Public Public


There's going to be a cunning plan, keep your eyes open for turnips.

Author — Andy MacKay


Boris lied to his own Queen so breaking the law is no problem to Boris but he needs to know a British border in Ireland is a bad move.

Author — Big Bang


the "problem" with brexit is the politicians and their handlers want total spectrum dominance. see :

Author — usmcusausaf


They are playing backgammon, build, stop, hit and run😂😂😂😂

Author — Ti Ti


Independence Day

The Declaration of Independence

Based on a treasonous lie. No tea tax.


Author — Richard MacLean


reminder/ HIS toan thu+ toan bo+ tong the" (100 yrs/ 1, 000 yrs ). * ? 145 yrs (+beginning of the beginning) (?) * Mrs Cat Tuong ♥️ Mr Quyen Linh. / O+O /

Author — parrot t