Sumerian Tablets Reveal Unthinkable Aspects about Anzu

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Sumerian Tablets Reveal Unthinkable Aspects about Anzu 4.5
The Assyrian Empire and the Persian Empire were two of the earliest major empires in the world. The Assyrians were powerful from about 900 to about 600 BC. The Persian Empire came afterwards, holding power beginning around 550 BC. Both were empires in what we now call the Middle East. Both were monarchies. However, there were very important differences between the two.

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All I hear is an account of pre-historical geological and celestial events in chronological order. What good is that? ;)

Author — Jason Jensen


It's truly amazing to hear how primitive they were. 😔 These "gods" acted like little children, stank like goats, couldn't find their way around the block without help, and yet, "behold, " these insipid buffoons do "this" or "that" wonderdrous deed. 😲 Give me a break. 😒

Author — Spok


Marduk is the son of Enki first born not Enlil

Author — rodolfo puente jrrodolfo


The Keruv of the Old Testament is a heavenly being that has legs of a bull, arms of a man, wings and the faces of a man, eagle, lion, and bull. The latter face, according to Ezekiel, is the Keruv’s face.

Author — Marc Salyer


Doesn't sound like a great time to have been a human being that's for sure...glad I'm here now.

Author — back2paranormal


Not thoroughly researched. Actually there are two (2) ANZU's. One Anzu is more popular called ZU ( the usurper), the other Anzu is barely heard of. He, Anzu, himself claimed to have been as an emergency emmissary of Anu. Although Anu had a regular emissary.



Are these the egotistical, hedonistic beings we are created from? Makes a lot of sense. All the “praise me, honor me” and meanness sounds like humans here on earth. I believe we can be loving and kind we have to choose that and not the other. Very Interesting.

Author — sheila spaulding


Many of the architectural shots show vaulted arches. I thought the Romans had invented the arch?

Author — Scott Weaver


The Talmud Torah Old Testament shares Sumerian myths.

Author — ONE (Eileen Colts)


Look at lunar cal you will see what I see just saying.

Author — mrpizzadavo


Your tones made this quite something. Great job. 👍🏼

Author — Gem Geo


This was very very interesting because it gives more knowledge about Annunaki, and their ways. But the real intriguing part is the information on igiggi

Author — Liliya Kamala