The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

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The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) 5

Starring: Orion Lee, James Marlowe, Abdiel LeRoy, Ewa Wojcik, Tatjana Sendzimir.

Written & Directed by Lauris Beinerts
Based on a short story "The Meeting" by Alexey Berezin
Produced by Connor Snedecor & Lauris Beinerts
Director of Photography: Matthew Riley
Sound Recordist: Simon Oldham
Production Designer: Karina Beinerte
1st Assistant Director: James Hanline
Make-up Artist: Emily Russell
Editor: Connor Snedecor
Sound Designer: James Bryant
Colourist: Janis Stals
Animator: Benjamin Charles

We made this video using:
- Libre Office Calc to make sense of the shot list...
- 7 different markers and an empty juice pack to get the right sound
- A bottle of single malt whiskey

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Семь красных линий
Гуманитарий и инженер
Дизайнер и заказчик
史上最悲催工程师 如何用透明笔画出红色线条

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Author — Lauris Beinerts


I tried my hand at consulting. Now I'm a plumber.

Author — shmelmafinga


The best part: when the second lady starts to faintly grasp that perpendicularity has nothing to do with color, the other morons hold her back.

Author — Stefan Kaitschick


The expert's salary is the lowest of any in the meeting.

Author — Sylvia Else


My heart goes out to all the Andersons of the world. Because of your sacrifice, we get to live comfortable lives.

Thank you.

Author — Jake Reason


Please, fix title - it is not sketch, it is documentary

Author — Sergius Master


So what exactly is stopping us from doing this?
Just ignore it.

Author — Jimmy Murray


I literally just had a meeting like this TODAY, me and a CAD guy struggled to explain that 2D line drawings of a product can not be rotated for a 3D view to the general manager of the company.

I swear these people, these meetings, they exist, they happen, they STILL happen, and this video should be mandatory viewing for everyone everywhere in the entire world.

Author — SomeRandomIdiot


After spending 45 years as an engineer interfacing with marketing, sales and the military, I can attest to the fact that this hits the nail on the head. People ask for ridiculous things while insisting that the cost and time frame for completion remain the same. In the meantime managers only want to hear "yes" regardless of how impossible the requests may be.

Author — Valicroix


This happens a lot with us. The people above keep making decisions and they don't even know how to do what needs to be done hahaha and when we explain it to them the limitations and what we can achieve, they go like "it's impossible?". I dunno. This video is disturbing for me and kinda triggered some anxiety attacks

Author — erinpilla


I think they should make this film longer, but in a form of a kitten.

Author — Happy Magane


I've been in this place.
I've seen these things.
I've worked with these people.

"I'm an expert."

Author — Trent Franklin


"Anderson I understand you are a specialist of a narrow field you don't see the overall picture, but surely it's not difficult to draw seven lines"

Author — maleyk


wow i just wanted to watch some youtube after coming home but why do i feel like i'm back at work again

Author — Max Fiedler


This video just raised my blood pressure. Thumbs up for the realism!

Author — CapitalCheese


This is what happens when you hire a "businessman" and "managers" to accomplish the production of anything. Just because you can manage people doesn't mean you can produce anthing.

Author — IronSmith


This is the point where the expert should ask, "Why do you want it this way?" Then the client usually gives an answer that tells the expert what they really want and then he can help them achieve their real goal instead of putting tons of resourses into something the client only thought they wanted. Here's an example, "Why do you want some of the lines to be drawn with green and some with transparent ink?"
"Well, because we've found that our customers like things that are green and transparent."
"Drawing red lines with green and transparent ink would be really difficult and we would waste a lot of resources trying to achieve such a goal. Might I recommend having all of the red lines drawn with red ink and then add some green lines to be drawn with green ink and some transparent lines to be drawn with transparent ink."
"Ok, that sound sounds perfectly reasonable." Asking, "Why, " doesn't always work out like this, but when it does it saves a lot of stress and resourses

Author — Noah McArthur


To draw 7 perpendicular lines you should get 7 dimensional world. When cross them in one point. To draw 7 red lines with green and transparent ink we can use several artificial languages in which green and transparent mean red in english.

Author — Евгений Вагапов


Project Manager is a Person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in One month.

Author — TBK


I went for an interview at that company, problem was they wanted me to start last Tuesday.

Author — Carl Bailey