I Tried Online Shopping Without Any Help... (Blind Girl Shopping Challenge)

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I Tried Online Shopping Without Any Help... (Blind Girl Shopping Challenge) 5

I really enjoyed doing this blind online shopping challenge on Boohoo and Missguided - let me know who you want me to blind shop from next!

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What online stores should I try to shop from next?!

Author — Molly Burke


omg imagine Molly shopping on Wish... Girl those titles are something SPECIAL lol

Author — Steffani Xoom


I guess you could say you were... misguided.

Author — Nataroni


Molly, or anyone else who reads this and is impaired or blind, would you like there to be a platform that gives you a good description of clothing, materials and colors that are made for screenreaders? So it would be easier to actually shop for clothing online.

I'm a User Experience Design student and I'm looking for a final project. This sounds really interesting to me, so I might want to look further into it.

Author — Nimm H.


Molly I NEED to point out the fact that a lot of the pictures that were from Boo Hoo were not what they looked like. The long-sleeved turtlenecks in the pictures were tight fitting in the entire sleeve. Also, the print on the plaid pants was not the same. In the picture it had black and white stripes, whereas the pattern that you got only had black stripes. Just something I wanted to point out.

Author — Ktportal Productions


Girl! That white Lacey top and the tan zipper skirt with the nude heals outfit was STUNNING! You look gorgeous !!

Author — Sarah O


When Gallop popped up behind the couch at 2:00 it was adorable!

Author — MistySpring -


Something that I absolutely love about Molly’s videos is that she can’t see herself, so the video isn’t edited around making her look as good as possible. Most YouTubers are very worried about looking really good for the camera (good angles and all that) and it doesn’t always feel as real. With Molly, she’s still adorable and attractive but she feels more like a real, normal human because you can see her moving on her own in every angle as if no one is watching her.

Author — Bailey xoxo


hahhhaha the neckline looks so normal to me i was laughing so much. Obviously a clash in personal taste but it's so funny what other people consider scandalous

Author — Annie Rowe


I would actually love to see the actual shopping process on the website. Seeing and hearing what you experience when dealing with a less-than-accessible website would be HUGELY helpful to me (full disclosure: I'm a digital designer working on an accessible product!). Thanks so much for this insight into your shopping experience!

Author — How Roode


The black dress at 10:40 is a bit see through just so you know

Author — Vivtzka


I feel like people who shop at these stores just want fast fashion and don't really care about the quality or ethics, which is why they're so popular with people who like to keep up with the trends

Author — Cora Edwards


Im spilling out and being flattened like a sports bra. Lol. I died. 😆

Author — KayBeeWolf


curious how being blind and shopping on wish would go 😂

Author — Decker Jaste


Scuba doesn’t mean scuba material it means low cut! Think scuba diving deep so a deep neck line xx

Author — Olivia Jones


I thought she was going to show herself doing the online shopping then try them on and stuff but this is good too

Author — Beza Mego


She should shop on wish or Amazon because they always have those weird long ass description titles. So it be interesting to see what she expects to get and does 😂💕

Author — miranda lauquan


Molly doing snake noise: PuRrr 12:25

Me with my cat in my lap: holy crap I adopted a snake 😳

Author — Wild- Flower


That mauve skirt is beautiful on your figure!!

Author — BbyBurrito


Molly just want to kindly tell you that the black long sleeved dress from missguided is slightly see-through.

Author — Lauren Emilie