Worst Haircut Ever

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Worst Haircut Ever 5

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another FANTASTIC episode of Overtime!
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1 LIKE = telling Coby you love him and that he'll bounce back from this 😂 ⬇️

Author — Dude Perfect


Who else else has been waiting for someone to land on "own a cat"🤣 edit: thanks for 1 thousand likes guys

Author — Leslie Walcoff


Does anyone else want to see Coby’s wife’s reaction to his new haircut?😹

Author — Riley Mann


When you tell yourself you need a haircut during coronavirus because your hair is too Long

coby: cuts it too short

Author — Fidget DK


Who agrees that Ned Forrester should spin his own wheel

Author — Breakfast King


Even though Cody’s picture was worth 2.25, the fact that it was drawn by him makes it worth about a 1000 bucks

Author — The everyday streamer


Ty has obviously watched a couple of bob ross’s vidoes😂

Author — Wesley Burk


Tyler doing trick shots: Tyler Pro mode activated
Tyler painting: Bob Ross mode activate

Author — Atomic Martian


Coby's a gentleman, he accepted the punishment instead of whining about it.

Author — Palash Verma


"ohhh my poor wife" that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard in this show

Author — Da_Yanti. F.


19:35 he sounds like a crashed computer that hasn’t been updated! 😂

Author — Cody Ring


I'm still waiting for the day Garrett lands on "be Garretts butler for a day"

Author — Shabbar Khambati


Let’s be honest cool not cool is one of the most entertaining segments
Who else agrees?

Author — Karen Wang


ot 14
cory: my dad is a phenomenal woodworker he is going to be disappointed in me and cory

ot 15
cory: my sister is a professional painter

both cory and coby's sister and dad:smh

Author — John Roy Shannon


Did anyone even notice in todays "Get Crafty!" Ty just went full Bob Ross on the competition?

Author — Okuyasu Nijimura


Can we appreciate that they put Tyler’s face in the thumbnail so that it wouldn’t ruin the surprise of who won (or better yet lost) wheel unfortunate ❤️👍

Author — Samsung Refrigerator


How much should I wait for someone to land on "OWN A CAT"?

Author — Srinath Nair


What would have happened if Garret was spinning the wheel and he got the same consequence??

Author — Anshul Gottumukkala


The next thing on Wheel Unfortunate should be two more spins...and the spinner has to do both the things that he lands on to. I leave the rest to you guys to decide or think more.

BTW Stay Safe


Author — Neelam Tripathi


I love how Tyler has to stand on his chair to barley reach Cody’s head when he’s giving him the crown 😂😂

Author — Eclipse_Fatch