The Truth About Working in Canada

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The Truth About Working in Canada 5
Everything you need to know about working in Canada.. How different it is and what to expect after immigration. What it is like working and living in Canada. The working ethics and work life balance of a new immigrant.
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It's so contradicting. I just saw your video on reasons Canada is the best place to live and in that video you are saying that it is extremely easy to start a business here here means in Canada and in this video you are saying that it is very difficult I don't know what to believe man you are just contradicting yourself.

Author — Raj Shah


Igor your working experience in Canada is very limited and you do not know very much about Canadian Business. I retired at 59 and live well.
I worked hard and sometimes had 3 jobs and wife and kids and mortage and we did fine. You can think big when really you have to start small and work up.Not everybody makes it big. Like I have said before it is the third generation that does well so your kids kids will be fine but you have to sacrifice, but you have to make a choice is all this just for you or are you thinking of your children if you ever have them. So you can stay in your country and know the outcome of your life or you can immigrate and take a chance make a better life for your future generation as this is how Canada became what it is, mainly pure hard work and sacrifice is what all Canadians did from the earliest immigrants from France and Scotland and England and Ireland to everybody that came later. Please read some the accounts of the early settlers to Canada( read Lord Selkirk's account of 1828 from York House to Fort George In BC or the Overlanders trip to Kamloops BC) and see what they went through and you will see that recent immigrants have a much easier time of it than they did. Try 40 below in a sod hut in Manitoba in the 1800's
try fishing off the east coast in an Atlantic storm in an open boat, How about trying to survive in the north at any time, try to move through the mountains of BC before the railroads. . The new immigrants have it so easy compared to the early settlers and pioneers of this country. Therefore read the history of this country and see the sacrifices that all immigrants have made and will have to, and to be successful, remember this life is mainly choices, what job do you choose . what partner, what path ? none will be easy, some will make the right choices some not, it is up to you.

Author — Bruce D


Don't get married soon & children
Don't own a house just cuz u got married & the wife says so
Don't buy fancy cars
Don't buy fancy phones
Don't eat out much
Invest what u earn
Minimize ur rent expense
Take risks
Do the work and believe....u will get rewards
Igor did everything opposite to that & now complaining about it

Author — Usman Sikandar


I doubt that potential immigrants expect to get rich in Canada. They leave their homelands because of corruption, low quality of life and other factors. I believe, everyone who managed to get PR is really hardworking, self-motivated and honest man.

Author — Mrs. S


Igor isn't wrong, and I would agree that going into business for yourself is really the way to go, if you are looking for a large return, but it has to be done in a way that is not going to trap you as well (he mentioned the commercial leases). True, most new businesses do not make it past the 5 year mark, but it is like that even in the USA. One big difference I have noticed between the USA and Canada is that Canadians seem to have less disposable income. The Canadian papers like to explain this as Canadians having different spending patterns, but the truth is that most basic services (cell phone, car insurance, price of food etc) just costs much more so there isn't a whole lot left over to experiment with. I think that is what drives certain kinds of business to close easily. However, I do not think that most immigrants are coming here to become crazy rich. Yes, they are looking for new opportunities, but also security and greater mobility as well. I practice in the field of Canadian immigration, and sometimes the right answer to a potential client is- this may not be the right match for you. However, for others it is exactly what they are looking for. :)

Author — Silver Peak


I love how you tell us about the Good and Bad so people dont come thinking its a bed of roses

Author — Denise GWilliams


Hey Igor, im from Brazil and a big fan of your channel, its really awesome what you do, with all these informations that you care to share.
Keep on going mate 👊🤙👍👌✌️

Author — Marco Felipe


Igor, i have been following you for a while now and judging from your most recent videos, i have the feeling you more and more point the negative sides of Canada. I would be curious to know if you recently changed your mind about whether it's good or disappointing to move to Canada or not

Author — Arn


Hi Igor, I’m new in your channel, and I really like it.

What you say about older people who work is true. And it is a little bit sad that some people never got more out of live than work, but I’ve come to realize that to some people that is what makes them “happy” and feel “normal.” Some of them don’t want to sit at home and do nothing. That’s what I’ve noticed at least in the rural areas or small towns.

Cheers :)

Author — CanalEliBernal


*It's same my friend everywhere. Even in your homecountry too.*

Author — Karan Singh


Hi Igor, your videos are really helpful. I have recently moved to Canada. I find Canadians really formal at work and all other places. We the Immigrants need to understand that there is a race and competition going on. and so many people would have approached them with their messages which would have annoyed them. We have to move up the ladder absorbing and accepting their culture. Finding the good things

Author — Noman Mirza


I live in Toronto Canada. I am on a very small income and can only afford $1, 300 max for a 2 bedroom. Could you recommend anywhere and it has to be in Scarborough close to cliffside public school

Author — Charmaine Blackie


what do you do for living, Igor? besides Uber

Author — Ksu


Hi Igor, there are always two sides of the story. You have seen people age in their 70 or 80 years old still working and reckon its sad. Majority of people will agree with you. However, the other side of the story is that there are people simply cannot retire. I have seen many cases after people retire in their 50s or 60s, drop dead in a month or two as well (very common). By working, it ticks your mind and motivation. Sometimes it is not just for the $$. Cheers, Steve.

Author — Steve Lu


Canada is my dream country, sad I might never achieve my dream

Author — GistTech


IT'S TRUE. good video. from chilliwack b.c.

Author — Benksy


Igor, thanks for the information. Could you throw a light on the income taxes and purchasing taxes in PEI, Canada?

Author — Niraj Poudyal


Yes Canadians do work hard. I love my job and do want to help as many people as possible throughout my journey. But I think a good portion of Canadians can "Turn it off" and really enjoy conversation about family and friends. It's great to hear different perspectives. Loved the video! 👌

Author — Best of Waterloo Region with Matt Rooney


thanks for making your viewers know that life in canada is not a bed of roses likewise any other place in the world. pls update me about the atlantic and rural immigration pilot programme . am patiently waiting.

Author — Abong Deric


Honest opinions = gold.
Sharing is caring, so thank you for those videos, Igor!

Author — Adrian Georgescu