The Wild World of DVD Releases

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stuff i read for this video on dvds:





dvds are awesome and we should bring them back, there are too many streaming services these days like netflix and hulu and amazon prime but dvds will always be there for you. theyll never leave you. you can play dvds and bluerays in your ps2. did you know that? dvds are so cool. nice.

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there’s nothing quite waking up to the menu replaying over and over but you don’t feel like getting it up to turn it off so you just listen to it for an hour

Author — @nocasuals9049


There are 2 paradoxes when it comes to streaming services:

* The more something is available, the less you'll want it
* The more choices you have the less satisfied you are with any particular one

Author — @LeonardoKlotz


This video was the trigger for me to start seeing all the downside of video streaming. Now I am starting to build my dvd and blue-ray collection and I don’t regret it.

Author — @samuelLambert97


I’m a physical media die hard. If you love a movie, buy a physical copy for sure!! Support them. We need it!

Author — @TheLifeOfDan1


does anyone else love watching old trailers on dvds too? it’s always super nostalgic for me and it’s cool to see what types of movies were coming out at that time!
unfortunately i have no way to play dvds right now but as soon as i do i’m taking like half of my family’s dvd collection with me lol

Author — @nocctea


As an avid DVD collector nearing a thousand titles, I thank you for making this video

Author — @beranx


As a physical media collector this warms my heart. Long live physical media

Author — @SpookyCelluloid


I love DVDs. Having DVDs allows you to choose what you want to watch without having to search for it. I hate how Netflix and other services only have the movies on for a certain time and them remove them. You don't get that issue with DVDs. Plus, having a physical collection reflects your personality.

Author — @AlexGledhill237


Owning physical copies always feels the best, it just triggers childhood nostalgia for me. Be it shows, movies, video games, books.

Author — @Marionette99


Also, DVDs are infinitely more satisfying as presents than an email with a digital code. I have a long running joke with a friend of gifting the most terrible late 90s/early 2000s low-budget obscure anime movies we can find, and making him physically unwrap some absolute garbage is really the cherry on top.

Author — @angelofsarcasm89


You've convinced me to start buying dvds again. I loved dvds so much when I was younger

Author — @spicygrapes12


Even though I’m not that old, I’m 28 and my wife is 25, we’re not subscribed to any streaming service. We buy physical media for everything we want to watch. We love it and we want to be able to have the opportunity to watch whatever we want whenever we want to.

Author — @oopart199


For some reason there’s something that just feels… right? about physical media. The idea of being able to *own* movies and music just feel so appealing to me.

Author — @lrs3


The monsters inc DVD is the perfect version of the movie because the end credits feature the ‘monsters inc company play’ that Mike and Sully perform unlike the Disney+ version.

This along with the added animated outtakes extend the length it takes for them to finish their version of “I wouldn’t have nothing if I didn’t have you” across the credits meaning it now perfectly syncs up to finish just as the credits themselves finish.


Author — @finleykennedy7763


And honestly the biggest difference in my mind when it comes to streaming services is I found out even when you buy a movie from Vudu or Amazon, you don't actually completely own that movie. It's in the fine print. They still have the right to remove that movie from a service and henceforth remove it from your downloads. But when you buy a physical copy nobody can take that away from you.

Author — @shadycnetwork


The real question I have is why didn't Blu-Ray take off like DVDs since they can do basically the same thing but with better resolution?

Author — @Seegtease


This brought back so many memories of what it was like owning DVDs. I'm lucky enough to still have the ones I grew up with.

It's a shame streaming services aren't able to capture the same magic as physical media, particularly when it comes to what DVDs offer.

Author — @zachandersmith8131


I have travelled back in time. DVD’s are highly sought after in the year 2035. This young lady predicted the future.

Author — @sonkakaroto9000


As a Blu-ray collector, I love that people are talking and appreciate it more

Author — @SoapNugget


This is the reason I buy records. It's nice to know that you have your music no matter what, and you get nice bonuses and art with the record sleeve.

Author — @narkash