Immortal Gods 2: Grand Superhero Arena Ring Battle #1

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Do you like fighting games, superhero fights contests and fighting simulation games? Do you want to have fun will fighting like a superhero in this comic rivals’ battle? Do you like superhero robot war, Realistic steel robots, predator and aliens’ games? Do you want to try something different from traditional fighting games like MMA, Ninja Fighting, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing, Chinese martial arts and Japanese assassin? Do you want to see wrestling of futuristic heroes’ ring fight? Do you love survival games and monster hero futuristic iron hero robot war games? So, get ready to fight face to face as a super fighter because this is a marvelous place for your super power fighting skills.

Get Ready to play this fighting simulator – the super monster hero fighting game. Enjoy this monster hero game of futuristic monster battle and experience the fight of monster hero in the ring. This is for the fans of comic super heroes and fans of monster hero wrestling in the ring and monster hero city battle games. Enter to the fight club and start robot warfare with monster hero boxing and taken fight skills. Show off your quickness ability and win the chaos war in immortal beast, summation of monster battle games and monster war games. Inheriting an above-average combat system from the Wrestling Revolution series, this game supercharges the action with new powers, technology, costumes and locations!

Be the monster fighter to begin the robo war in the future fight game. join the ring fight war and defeat all comic superhero. Every super monster hero has its own powers and inimitable capabilities of jump, punch and kick. Get control your real monster hero and defeat the other dc superheroes badly in this monster boxing ring fight game with an aroma of super spider games and super robot games.

The monster superhero immortal gods battle not only gives you the joy of winning but also provides you universe rivals take down challenge. Fight like incredible bulk, Bat hero legend, Iron hero, Spider hero, Wolverine hero, Dead hero and featuring the alien Predator to keep the glory of superhero power. Keep in mind that this is real superhero vs superhero contest you will have to defense yourself from superhero power attacks. Knockout your competitor with your super power punch on the face and super kick in the battlefield in this monster super hero combat. So, accept the challenge of the monster heroes and get ready for the robot ring fighting battle in this marvelous immortal beast monster clash.

Watch your favorite incredible monster hero in the one to one superhero vs superhero combat contest. In this futuristic superhero monster incredible bulk game - the big man game become a true incredible. Knock punches with rapid intensity and prove yourself to be a superhero robot in this monster superhero robot fighting game against the robot transformer. Enjoy the blend of boxing game fight and battle game with the extreme simulator of monster robot transformation. Get ready to test your fighting skills in this single invincible combo of Monster hero fighting games and immortal combats.

Immortal Gods 2: Grand Superhero Arena Ring Battle

Realistic superhero sounds
Realistic superhero fighting animation, flying kicks, punches and combo attacks
Realistic Iron robots of robot battle games
Indoor robot Fighting & Wrestling Environment
Fight and survive like a true super hero Immortal God!
Transform to iron robot, bat hero legend, superhero man, spider hero or any of your favorite heroes
Robots Fighting in the ring
Amazing HD, 3D Graphics
Select your favorite hero for fight
Marvelous player strengths and superb wrestling capabilities