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Cusco & Machu Picchu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia 5

Cusco & Machu Picchu – In Cusco and the Sacred Valley, magnificent ruins await the adventurous traveler. The most famous of all is Machu Picchu. Follow us through this incredible region!

Step through time and worlds with a #vacation to #Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire of the Sun. Since the 16th century, Spanish colonial buildings were built atop former Inca Palaces, of which only foundations remain.

In the Urubamba Valley, or #SacredValley, visitors can see the mysterious Moray Terraces and the pre-Inca Salt Mines of Maras. Ollantaytambo is a living Inca city and its towering ruins form the start of the Inca Trail to #MachuPicchu.

The long-lost Inca bastion was uncovered from the jungle in 1911. It remains a mystery how the Incas managed to stack the heavy granite blocks that make up the city’s buildings so precisely, at high altitude.

Little is also known about how the Incas turned a multi-lingual tribal region in an empire that is now known as one of the greatest civilizations in history.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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My husband is Peruvian. I visited Peru several times, each time different place, had been to Pucalpa, last time to Colca Canyon, saw flying condors. Fantastic experience and country.

Author — Alicja Courtney


I went there two weeks ago and I love Peru. The food is very good, the landscape is gorgeous and the people are really nice and friendly.

Author — Enzo Robert


I’m from Mexico and fell in love with Peru. I’ve been there 3 times but I think I’ll go back until I die.

Author — Daniel Cervantes


I used to be a tour guide in Peru. I've been to Cusco and MP about a hundred of times, but I still go there everytime I can. I love my country!

Author — Carlos Caceres


this is truely an epic presentation. wow. im speechless and wanderlust now.

Author — Jason To


The quality of these videos is out of this world! Congratulations, looking forward to seeing new videos!

Author — Catalina Vrabie


Spent some time here a few years back. An amazing place!! Soooo want to go back!!

Author — Cliff Moher


Wow, so well made. Love watching your travel guides. ❤️

Author — J C


0:49 increíble pareciera que fuera un Triptico de tres paisajes diferentes en paralelas, pero es solo un paisaje.

Author — Martin Ayala najarro


This is an amazing video. The most enlightening video I have seen so far for Peru. Thank you very much. Keep it up!!!

Author — Christina -CH


They DO know the purpose of Moray. It was used for experimental agriculture.

Author — briantravelman


This is the most beautiful video I've seen about Cusco, l love my country Perú.

Author — Ruth Medina Gutiérrez


Fantastic presentation as usual, Expedia !! loved it ...

Author — booboo chombu


No puedo creer que esté sentado en un lugar muy cerca de Perú. País de la leyenda. Saludos desde Colombia.❤️💋

Author — Australia


Peru is amazing all the way around....You'll fall in love with it....!

Author — Paul B


I miss all this :'( it all felt like a dream and only lives in my memories

Author — Celena Liu


Amazing!!! Cusco and Perú are trips of a lifetime :) @VisitPeru

Author — Mariafe.Salcedo


Beautiful and mystical place. Will visit.

Author — Evil Pagan


Thank you ! Cusco is very beautiful..!

Author — Iquilla TS


Best place, when i went with my mom it was the best experience ever

Author — PITUFO 801