Find Your Joystick Size or Position Guide/Tutorial with Handcam! (PUBG MOBILE)

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hope you find your Best/perfect joystick Size or position from this video
bigger size = accurate? and smaller size = faster moments?

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IGN - ZendexYouTube
ID - 5671247021
device - iphone 11 (ex poco)

editing software used - adobe after effects, adobe premiere pro
thumbnail software - adobe after effects, adobe photoshop
cc 2020 all
encoding software adobe media encoder
pc specs i3 4th gen with 8gb (extra) ordinary ram

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Instagram - Zendex69
Facebook - Zendex Sings (same profile pic as youtube)

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comment down below what joystick size you use :)

Author — Zendex


Brother let me tell you something ive been playing this game since season 3 and didnt know much about it but had 5, 7 stars in ace ! Thanks

Author — inzamam deen


Bro I killed you long time back in Sanhok Bootcamp 😂 that time you were a small YouTuber with 10 K Subs now you’ve grown so much! Keep up the quality content coming!

Author — JesterSlays


Literally no one:
Zendex: My video is based on my experience

Author — Abhinav


I've recently changed my layout setting to the "fixed" joystick option and honestly it does feel like I have more control over my movement than when it was "floating". I've also been experimenting with the size and am currently set on 120.... It does feel like I can have more precise movements but I'm still getting used to it. There's little weird camera glitches occasionally and vaulting is more of a challenge ATM but I'm hoping I'll get used to it.

Author — Normoyle McBrunson


This man is literally covering every single piece of info about pubg mobile❤️



i learn a lot from you bro. thank you so much for making all of the content ✨

Author — Heyshxm Adnan


I tested the myth it's true what you told. I literally changed my joystick size from 83 to 84 it's much better
Your game play 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — swapna salla


Chinese competitive players like paraboy prefer larger joystick size for accurate aim ( slow movement but more accurate )

Author — R P Singh


Hey Thanks for the help sir I been always confused about how to get more faster in moving and reflexes but this helped me a lot I was using a big joystick because my aim was bad but I always been dying because I wasn't move fast in a close combat thanks so much ❤️❤️

Author — Itzz Alex


Best thing about zendex is there are no dramas, begging in 2x speed like other chapri youtubers. clean & precise content

Author — Abhishek nanavare


Thank you very much Zendex! Your videos are always helpful! I was having this problem for a long time, you solved it in 5 minutes! :D

Author — jeb


Your content is different but in a good way finally I've achieved the speed i always desired judt because of that joystick explanation..

Author — Hassan Ahmed


Love all your videos as you always emphasize even the smallest details. I once struggle with the joystick size and position too.

Author — Ahmad Shari Lol


Man, love your videos! Thank you so much for your work. Love your voice as well XD

Author — Prudy Ray


Zendex flexing on his 4 finger claw skills for 11 minutes straight😂

Author — Khushi Jamba


Bro bro bro, after watching this video i jumped to training ground and saw my joystick was ar 120% made my movements poor, slow. I don’t know when tht happened but made me loose my KD/game, i was wondering why i am getting noob. You solved biggest mystry for me. Thank you man, appreciate your effort for pubgm community. Thank you and love you bro 🥰😘😍

Author — Prabhat Tripathi


I didn't realize your joystick placement and size was this important

Author — Codullah


So this is why I always became an easy
My joystick literally used to be 160% and now that I have switched to smallest I am more op assaulter than
All thanks to you Zendex love you full support to you💖💖

Author — सागर कुकरेती


loving all your Pubg Mobile Tips and tricks vids!!! i used to use large joystick 150+ as of today i use now size 90 joystick and i noticed straight away of my movements are alot faster then they were!! thanks bro!

Author — NecroManiac322