Grimm Fairy Tales and the Rise of German Nationalism

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What connection do the Brothers Grimm have with German Nationalism? I break down how through years of effort, they successfully united the German language and through painstaking research collected a book of fairy tales that would help foster nationalism and obedience for years to come.

Works cited:
Louis L. Snyder's Nationalistic Aspects of the Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tales

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Great video. Taking something existing and affixing a new unintended meaning to it is a double edge sword, on the one hand you end up with Grimm's Faerie Tales being used to instill Nationalist beliefs into the citizenry, and on the other you get DuChamp's Fountain. Looking forward to the next one, and props to Dakota for the thumbnail.

Author — Ereheru


Wonderful video, who would have thought that something that looks so innocent like the Disney classics would have such a grim origin.

PS.: Hope you come back to do videos soon they are very entertaining and informative...

Author — rimaxify


👏👏👏awesome jen, always so insightful and informative

Author — George Tucker


I grew up pennslyvania dutch and I'm just starting to look into it. thank you for this vid, any white person wanting to reconnect with our ancestors and their culture should first make sure we aren't going into it uninformed

Author — berry


Glad I discovered your page today. Very insightful. Can't wait to watch more of your videos.

Author — Kevin Silva


Steamboat Willie!! Amazing job on that model AND this video. I had NO IDEA about the connections between the rise of Nazi ideology and the fairytales revered in Germany. Just one more example of how powerful "fairy stories" (and popular literature) can be 😬 In this example....not a good thing.

Brilliant, incredible 👏👏👏

Author — Christy Luis - Dostoevsky in Space


Thank you for the lecture about antisemitism. OMG! OMG! ANTISEMETISM!!!! MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT

Author — Boban Orlovic


Ahh. Guess that answers my question.

We wouldn’t let our enemies have guns. Why would we let them have ideas—Stalin

Author — Nezar King


Hey can I ask you. Are you deleting my comments? Or.. is YouTube deleting them? Just a question. I hold no I’ll will here. Just tell me this one thing. As this happens quite often even if I don’t mention hot topics.

Author — Nezar King