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GQ'S Matty Conrad shares all his favourite beard trimming tips to help you recreate the KRATOS (ducktail beard) from the video game God Of War. Whether you are at the beard trimming for beginners stage or the professional beard grooming level Matty can help you with all of your beard care needs and teach you how to trim your own beard at home!

00:00:01 Intro
00:04:50 Detangling & Prep
00:06:30 Blowdrying Tips
00:07:42 Roughing in the Baseline
00:10:10 Freehand Shaping
00:12:57 Refining The Outline
00:17:32 Shaving
00:18:08 Closing

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How To Trim Your Beard
Don't Colour Your Beard
How To Fade Your Beard
8 Beard Growing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Matty Conrad has been called GQ's favourite mens groomer and is most well know for his how-to-grow a beard series with the popular magazines youtube page. But Matty is also the owner of multiple successful barbershops, has been awarded some of the barbering industries top honours, has been features in dozens of magazines, works with celebrity clients, and after 27 years has become a legitimate barbering icon. He has spent the last decade travelling around the world sharing his best tips and tricks with barbers and promoting his men's grooming range Victory Barber & Brand which he designed to help men increase their confidence and groom themselves for greatness. A consummate beardsman Matty has turned his attention to teaching men how to take care of their facial hair and answering all their grooming related questions. SO leave your question in the comments and maybe he will answer yours next!


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💬 Comments

Definitely do a video showing how to DIY this!

Author — Jordan Keller


You should definitely do a DIY short ducktail beard tutorial! Your videos are always a treat to watch and has helped my beard tremendously, I've spent 40 years not knowing how to trim my beard to look it's best (to my ability....) until I just happened to see your videos by the magic of the algorithm.

Author — OMGmade


I would definitely love to see a shorter ducktail tutorial! I kinda learned to do it on my own based on all of your videos, but I wonder how you would approach it directly.

Author — K.R.


Man I’m at 1.5 months of beard growth, your beard care tips just worked on me like magic, thank you and the KRATOS beard is awesome, keep growing and take care.



I would very much love to see a DIY to do a long style of this beard. I have been growing my beard out and it has a rounded-square look using your previous tutorials. I’m proud of it but there is something about that longer, duck tail style that really looks sharp. I’m willing to try it and if it doesn’t look good, I’m proud to say it will grow back soon. 😂👍 Well done on this one Matty!

Author — Jz Fire


Main protip for me here was the straightening part. I always had completely straight hair (before I went full Kratos up top) but since growing my beard longer it's developed a lot of kinks in the cheek area. Need to give this brush turning technique a try! Thanks Matty, you're the man 🧔‍♂️

Author — B N


Thank you for this ! love Kratos, ur model is
awesome for working on him - always the constant professional with just the right amount of humor - great video and awesome work as usual !

Author — Btmn007JB


These videos (music, style, voiceover etc) are very peaceful to watch (and totally compliments the Old Fashioned I just made 🥃 :) thx Matty!

Author — Mancy


Please do a DIY short version of the Kratos. I love you videos and personally, your tips have made trimming my beard fun and easy. I love the content Mr. Conrad, keep up the great work!

Author — Jason Goldstein


I came across your videos last year when i started growing out my beard for the first time. I kept thinking it would be great to find someone like Matty locally to go to for my very first beard trim when the time came. Imagine my surprise when I found out you're LOCAL!!!! lol I have my appointment booked with you for my very first beard trim on March 2nd. Looking forward to it :)

Author — Anthony Dutt


Man, this video's giving me all kinds of inspiration. I've been growing a beard mainly because it's February in Saskatchewan and it would be a really dumb idea not to have one in this arctic weather. But, now that spring's here, I might keep it around, and have fun with it. I do kind of have to be careful because I'm bald, 6'5 and a weightlifter with 25 lbs of muscle, so I end up accidentally intimidating people a lot, lol.

Author — Iain Ronald


A video on how to grow out the beard would be great, especially keeping it neat along the way.
Example how to keep the neck neat enough for an office but lower the neckline as the beard grows… I think so far all I’ve seen is basically just let it grow, but I don’t want to be too unruly at work but I don’t want to be trimming away what I may need later.
Basically how to go from a short beard to a kratos beard and be tidy along the way!

Author — Chase Anderson


Ever since I started growing out my beard beyond a simple stubble, I've learned so much from your videos over at GQ. Thanks Matty. You've made it a pleasure to trim/shave myself.A happy coincidence that I find your channel the night before I planned to trim it again.

And if we're doing "old style" beards like Kratos, could you do a video about trimming a Leonidas beard? I've been aiming at that style for a while now. Could be from the film, or history.
Thank you, Matty!

Author — Eelco Peterzen


Hell yes Matty! Not only have I been searching how to trim a ducktail beard, I also JUST bought the same exact set of clippers and trimmers from Wahl!! Thanks for this!

Author — Adam G


this is one of my favorite beard styles! I've had several barbers attempt this on me and none have really pulled it off like this! i would love to see a shorter version done

Author — Greg Patterson


I was rocking short to mid beard for last two years. Thanks to your videos I was able to maintain it in good shape and visit a barber only once in quarter. Now I've changed my look and shaved everything - so that my kids can see my face for some time ;) but I found out that you have your channel and I'm addicted to watching it. It is like ASMR, the way you operate your tools with such precision, like sculpting and your soothing voice describing each step of the process, I just can't stop. Thank you for your work and willingness to share it with us.

Author — Pat


Should be great to see you doing in yourself.
The last 10 barbers that I went where bad, still waiting my beard recover from the trauma, I definitely trying to learn to do it by myself.

Author — Lucas Ares


looks very good. the angles you showed really are a gamechanger for a "do it yourself" version.
as for right now I am letting my beard grow a bit longer than usual so I have more room to work on it. I might try that one out.. and even if I mess it up, I can get it fixed by the barber.

love your videos and everything. started off as a complete newbie.. and with your advices, I would say, I can do the "small maintenance" that is necessary after a few weeks thanks to you.

Author — So Min


Very nice tutorial. When are you gonna bring out your own set of victory-tools? ;)
That guy really has the aura of a legend. The colouring of his beard is magnificent.

Author — jakal13


You're a master barber. All your vids and products have helped me level up my beard and hairstyle game for almost 2 years now. Love the Kratos Ducktail, gonna try and do this ducktail style this year!
Thank you so much!

Author — Scott Dumencu