Fake Employee Prank At McDonalds Drive Thru

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Fake Employee Prank At McDonalds Drive Thru 5
Fake employee prank at the mcdonalds drive thru, today I will be pretending to work as a mcdonalds employee.
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Author — stinky


If niko could actually push himself to upload at least once a month he’d hit 1 mil over night

Author — Baby M


I felt bad for the old dude he was just tryna get his damn burger

Author — MadLadRomesh


"Your a grown man and your asking for a happy meal." Lmaooo i friking love niko

Author — Ashleii Pep


I felt bad for the guy getting a happy meal for his daughter

Author — Scottis4K


Niko, you should work in Primark. It's so easy to go there. You just wear all black and go to the manager and say it's your first day and they will tell you what to do. I'm telling you, it will work!

Author — Armani Jones


*Recommends hamburger*

Man accepts

"We don't have hamburgers"

Author — NitSUj


Niko is so jokes. he thinks of funny jokes so fast. overall he's just a funny person that knows how to that the piss. much luv from nz

Author — Marcus Fao


“Do you want a hamburger”

We have run out of ingredients but you can order a hamburger with nothing in it and you’ll get nothing.

EDIT: I wanted to add I am talking about the kiosks where you can customise your burger and you can customise it so it has nothing in it and they will literally give you nothing . This is possible as I watched a video on YouTube where a man ordered a Big Mac with nothing in it and literally got nothing 😂

Author — ArchieMacal


Is it just me who gets scared for Niko when he does these fake employee vids

Author — Zeyana Ali


McDonalds is losing subscribers because of you 2

Author — Almotasimblah Mustafa


Soon he gonna get banned from every store in the UK not just ikea🤦🏽‍♀️

Author — Hayat Osman


This is how long it’s been since nikos uploaded


Author — Vbrxnts


This is how many years it takes him to upload

Author — ThaCHUBBmonster


What's your name MY NAME IS ... SOLOMAN

Author — SmashBro


Prisoner: what are you in for?
Niko:I made fun of a grown man ordering a kids meal at McDonald's

Author — LD Zyloh


Loved being apart of this video lmao, smash the likes so we can do it again guys!

Author — Chunkz


Random man: Well what do you have?”
Niko: “We have boxes.”😂🤣😂🤣



"yes ill pass you on to our manager right now."
"yes whats the problem? In fact I do not care for your concerns"


Author — Poppy Moss


“You can’t have a happy meal but you can have a sad meal”😂

Author — It’s just Bethan_