Fake Employee Prank At McDonalds Drive Thru

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Fake Employee Prank At McDonalds Drive Thru 5
Fake employee prank at the mcdonalds drive thru, today I will be pretending to work as a mcdonalds employee.
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How is this man allowed to even walk on the streets 🤣😭😂

Author — Aaron Selva


Customer: hey can I have a happy meal please?

Niko: sorry we don't have that we only have sad meals 😂😂😂

Author — Krishi Animations


This is how many times he said McDonald


Author — galaxy gamer


“Do u want a hamburger?”

“Oh sorry we don’t have hamburgers”😂

Author — Madaline._. hh


James Charles just dry humped you

👇like to undo

Author — Rick Sanchez


Loved being apart of this video lmao, smash the likes so we can do it again guys!

Author — Chunkz


That guy was so nice till he realised you were taking the piss out on him

Author — MissesKitty


Imagine the middle age people the reviews they made about this McDonald’s they are at😂😂😂😂

Author — S120


4:05...who sees that hand in the back seat XD

Author — Madhav Cherengotil


Breaking News:
Niko Omilana is missing!!!
He hasn't uploaded a video in a long time. His last upload was last month.
Jeffery Thompson out!

Author — XYZFlame _YT


Soon he gonna get banned from every store in the UK not just ikea🤦🏽‍♀️

Author — Hayat Osman


Just found out about your channel yesterday and I've watched every single video. Brilliant content Niko

Author — Dean McCarthy


The guy in the back pulled a quick one on us 4:04

Author — Vision_Shotz


You should do 24hr challenge in like Tesco or something

Author — Alice Brooksy


She : Happy Meal please
Him : Sad meal

Devastated meal

Author — P Bhanu Kiran


Niko, you should work in Primark. It's so easy to go there. You just wear all black and go to the manager and say it's your first day and they will tell you what to do. I'm telling you, it will work!

Author — Armani Jones


"Your a grown man and your asking for a happy meal." Lmaooo i friking love niko

Author — Ashleii Pep


I wonder what he meant by “we will give you chicken nuggets “. 🤔🤔

Author — tricksmvplorenzo gaming


Sick!! I feel bad for the people passing by tho😂

Author — TheFlashFan101


Where did u go Niko let’s reach 1 million subs c’mon bruv

Like so niko can see this
Wow I actually never thought u saw this great vid on Starbucks tho

Author — Khalid X gamer