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Inside ISIS's Final Fight (HBO) 5

In a deserted farmhouse on the Deir Ezzor frontline, a group of Arab YPG fighters and foreign volunteers — an American, a Scotsman and a South Korean — took up position on the edge of Islamic State territory, firing wildly from the hollow windows onto ISIS fighters hiding in the orchards below.

Unseen from the house, ISIS militants crept forward into the building’s garden, launching a sudden assault on this isolated position, targeting the group with snipers, machine gun and anti-tank rocket fire before they attempted to storm it.

After years of bloody conflict across northern and eastern Syria, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have pushed ISIS to the brink of total defeat. The remaining ISIS fighters now wait out their days in a cluster of tiny villages nestled between the Euphrates river and the Iraqi border.

Surrounded, outnumbered, and outgunned, the jihadist group’s last diehard fighters aren’t giving up. And they’re being met by US-backed forces and foreign volunteers, many of whom have traveled thousands of miles for the final fight.

Huddling in the central stairwell for cover, deafened by the roar of rockets hitting the rooms around them, YPG fighters argued furiously over their next move.

“We’re surrounded,” shouted the YPG fighter, “We’re going to have to jump from the balcony and make a run for it.”

They quickly gathered blankets, mattresses and curtains, throwing them to the ground outside to soften the fall. Escaping through the alleyway, the fighters retreated to safety in a nearby outpost as Coalition airstrikes rained down on the besieged house.

On the map, the war against the Islamic State is all but won. But here in the middle Euphrates river valley, where much of the population resents the US-backed forces as alien occupiers, these fighters are likely to face many more sudden ambushes and assaults from within this dense patchwork of orchards and villages, even after the battle for Baghuz is won.

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VICE News correspondent Aris Roussinos embedded with an SDF unit that was forced to retreat. "We've been pinned down by ISIS sniper fire, and now rocket fire, " he said.

Author — VICE News


I love the guy who is causally smoking but then gets annoyed and blasts ISIS with his machine gun

Author — Wheresmyeyebrow


TOYOTA proudly supporting all sides since 1970

Author — MV Master



Author — k k


[5:03] the guy who stopped for the camera man is a legend

Author — Game champion


2014 : isis making quick progress
2019 : the last battle of isis

Author — Erik Szalárdy


Rockets and Snipers hitting the building

Reporter: *sits there*

Author — K den what?


Isis war nearly ending.
Toyota: We had a good run folks until next time.

Author — Nomad Son


Gamers: i need a gaming chair to play video games
Soldiers: i need a bucket to shoot a m60 heavy machine gun

Author — Fedor von Bock


How do you defeat an enemy that looks forward to dying? if they kill you they feel like they did their job, if they die they feel like they did their job..isis mofoers are crazy

Author — IsmaiL NYC 600


Fun fact : I.S.I.S is not a muslim, the claimed themself muslim when they are not.

Author — CO. Adventure


These guys are straight up badasses, im too afraid to get shot by a nerfgun and here they are calm as a turtle while pinned.

Author — D Son


"where's our Korean guy?"
"He was on top of the building and-"(remembers airstrike)

Author — TuFF NuGGets


Soldiers: Isis is storming the building! Explosions bullets everywhere
Press: Totally calm

Author — Cameron Peters


The title should be '' How to escape from ISIS. '' like cowards! Well done Abu Hajjar and Akhmed, you will remain Legends..

Author — Vicky RDX


4:53 imagine how good that sound must sound to them “that’s our boys”

Author — Me la pelas


Can we take one moment to respect all these journalist who risk their life for all these content

Author — Anaya Koirala


Who else came to watch fighting isis videos after albaghdadi’s death?

Author — Rollin 60 Crip 4 life


I want to know what happened to that Korean guy...

Author — Heero Yuy


One thing is sure, isis will sure be in high school history books 50 years later

Author — sefao zekri