CANADA VS NEW ZEALAND II Viewpoint from a PR of both the countries

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CANADA VS NEW ZEALAND II Viewpoint from a PR of both the countries 4.5

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You should chill you guys I am not comparing Toronto to nz here.why would I compare a city where I myself have not lived to nz.

I am not a fool😖



This type of contents are rarely available

Author — Rachit Patel


Most important is Where are You Eligible? some are still in Punjab one of me. Both countries give you relax childhood and old age life.

Author — Deep Khanna


My wife and I want to move to New Zealand with my 2-year-old baby and our points come out to be 185. What are the chances to get the PR and how much time would it take for the entire process?

Author — Ravi Ranjan


All true. We have lived in NZ for 7 yrs before moving in Canada. We are planning of going back to NZ because its way way better there.

Author — Mario Sanchez


Hell-o, I was wondering to move in Canada but you demotivate me😭

Author — Shubham Dixit


I'm born and raised in Canada and I've always loved it (because its all I've known), but now i want to move to NZ! Hhaha. Brampton has insane car insurance.. highest in Canada. I live outside of Brampton and pay $110 a month in car insurance. Our rent is $1850 a month for a house.

Author — Teaching Toddler Talk


Wow! That was beautifully quantified. I was in dilemma since last few weeks about which country to consider between the two for migration. Please recommend a lawyer/consultant who can help us in NZ PR process

Author — Kashif Jamali


What about natural calamities in new zeland? Nz frequent earth quakes & other, sorry not my opinion just enquire..some people said so..

Author — Shajeena Tv


You can try using some visuals as well sissy.

Author — Ajay Kumar Srinivasan


Hi! U have explained v. Well. U have done it patiently that I could watch and note down simultaneously.
Plz make video immigration from India to New zealand soon.

Author — Fatima Khan


Tq dear
You giving me great information 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻

Author — siva yelisetty


Hello Preet. I would request if you could tell for someone who has years of experience in india in academics and wants to migrate to new Zealand. What are the odds?

Author — Divij Bhasin


Sounds like you only lived in Toronto while in Canada. Should have given Vancouver a try before giving up.

Author — rchilde1


Hi Preet,
Thanks a lot for all the detailed information.
I would highly appreciate if you could tell me if NZ PR process has also similar programs like Canadian EE program? If not, what are the options ?

Author — Ishu Singh


You are absolutely right, I got almost same views about that. If you owned a house 5 years ago you can actually save significant amount of money in NZ.

Author — The Snipper


Hello nice video. Please kindly tell me on how I can relocate to newzealand with my family it has always been a dream country for me.if there is a way I can get in touch with you please let. Me know. Thanks

Author — sydney weaver


Thanks Preet. I enjoyed your comments. It was really honest. Enjoy Aoetearoa : )

Author — Stephen Gibson


Thank you for all your information. I'm more clear now where to settle my future. Lots of love from Banglore.

Author — sandesh salunke


Excellent video ! However, I was really hoping you would talk about getting PR in the 2 countries. Could you please make a video on PR for NZ and Canada? I would also like to know where is it going to be easier for one to bring his/her parents if one gets a job in either country. I am a professor of Marketing in India and want to make the move soon but cant decide as i am the only child of my parenta and dont wish to be away from them for long..anyway, you have a new subscriber!

Author — Sudeep Rohit