Video captures Hong Kong lawmaker stabbing - BBC News

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Video captures Hong Kong lawmaker stabbing - BBC News 4.5

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho is one of the most controversial politicians in Hong Kong, and has been heavily criticised by pro-democracy protesters.

Mr Ho was campaigning for an upcoming election when he was attacked by a man who appeared to pose as a supporter. The attacker was arrested shortly afterwards.

Video of the incident surfaced on social media and has been widely broadcast by Hong Kong news outlets.

Mr Ho and several others were sent to hospital with injuries. He later posted a message online saying he was fine and that he had suffered a superficial wound.

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Is violence accepted ? The murderer was caught at the spot.

Author — C L


The line before stabing was smooth thoo let me take my mobile

Author — Jeevan Neupane


The murderer was caught, which almost proved to be a real assassination, not a farce directed by himself.

Author — Roy Yang


"The knife only went in 2cm, just a surface wound"


Author — YoshiPeach Mario


0:41 peep the lady standing there just recording...

Author — Charles Ford Jr


No Epstein news, Don't tell me BBC is part of the coverup too.

Author — OutsideMax


Facts below.

* From this video, after being stabbed, Junius Ho stated that my rib cage stopped the knife (so he can be still alive) and the attacker might be mentally ill (instead of accusing others of plotting this vicious attack).
* Rumors popping up about this attack being staged (If this attack is staged, should Junius Ho have condemned some people/opponents instead mental illness?).
* 85 metro stations damaged by rioters in Hong Kong (same day).
* British medias tried to blemish China's image zealously by taking advantage of the recent 39 passed away persons smuggled in by truck before the identities were even confirmed (now looks like all non Chinese).
* British university strips pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho of honorary degree (just because of his pro Beijing stand?).

Who now has the higher moral ground? Which side does BBC/British medias want to be, being on higher moral ground or being as low as possible? Or, is it the case that, as long as claiming to be "pro democracy", anything is justified?

It is kind of painful to see the complete turn around on moral standards. Can any "movement" really win by going as low as possible morally?

Author — Peter Zhong


dude, that area is near where i live. I also go to the mall behind Junius Ho for breakfast...

Author — A random guy You will like


I can’t believe some of these comments- if he wanted him to die, he should have gone for his throat? I mean, are you kidding me?! What we are witnessing here is a live attempt murder at a politician, a well known figure of HK society! You could say its an attempted assassination, for Christ sake! This is ridiculous- in a normal society, we shouldn’t be doing this in everyday life. It goes to show just how uncivilized HKers have become and how HK government needs to find a solution to end this corruptedness and unnecessary violence. It pains me everyday seeing HK descend further and further into chaos, all because of protestors who don’t know what they’re really fighting for.

Author — CS C


I thought BBC only liked posting everything pro Hong Kong.

Author — Vas cu da cama


Democracy means you can kill your opponents? For example Trump shooting Biden to win election?

Author — Orion Federation


I don't trust ANY of the MSM after Epstein. You're all evil.

Author — It could be worse


Wow so many people reacted to save. Here in America everyone just whips out the phone and starts recording lmao

Author — Ricky Gonzalez


Ok I’m surprised he failed like I’m no “stab expert” but everything worked to his favour?

Author — Phantomneko


Thought I was watching a HK movie for a second

Author — Michael Cao


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Author — Samy Bouzaglo


2 cm in the left side of the chest. Insane!

Author — YouTube deleted my comments repeatedly!


So this is democracy & freedom is all about. 👏👏👏

Author — Sam Ann


West will say its OK because its called the "Freedom" to kill.

Author — Homer your Homie


When I watch it l remember to Indonesia. It's also happen to WIRANTO. Someone stab him but not even injury his body.

Author — Tausif Khan