Akai GX 4000D Vintage Reel to Reel repaired and restored

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

This was a restoration I done for a customer on a AKAI GX-4000D reel to reel recorder.

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Hi, I have one of these units. I changed the motor cap. The unit was fine for a while... but then the pinch roller just stopped apply pressure ... any clues on what I should check?

Author — Maxx Zinno


Hello and nice video. Can you send me a pic of which way you solder the transistors please? I had hard time figuring out the pin out. Thank

Author — Ludovic FERRANDO


Nice tape recorder i have this one two
in good condision i record it with black tapes verry nice sound

Author — steven miller


I bought an Akai GX 4000D from Reverb, it arived with damage both spindles were bent one so bad I broke it trying to straighten it, they offered me half my money and like a dummy I accepted it, cost more to buy another GX 4000D on E-Bay to replace the damaged spindles top plate and face plate all damaged in shipping, got it all back together to find out that it plays and records on one channel only, now I must take it to a repair place, and have that fixed, I will be 700-800 into this player recorder when it is said and done, I am going to request the Fairchild transistor upgrade as most likely it is a transistor issue why it will not play or record on one channel.

I told the E=Bay seller why I was buying his and asked to package it better as the guy from reverb wrapped it in bubble wrap with a couple of foam pieces around the spindles and that packed loosely in the box which was coming apart on one side when I got it.

When i got the one from E-bay it was packaged like Fort Knox, with hard styrofoam protecting the spindles, was very happy that it arived in execlent condition.

It is a buyer beware out there.

Author — Dennis Hagans


How do you remove the line and mic/din knob on the front. I removed the top press on part but can't figure out the bottom part to remove the front plate.

Author — besteversaw


Where are you located ? I have the 4000D and looking for quotes on repair. Thanks.

Author — based nato


Hey mister, is there a waiting list to get you to repair a r2r machine?

Author — James Cache


Hey I have the same reel but mine stop rewinding, any idea, thanks

Author — DJC


I need a preamp board.. that's all for Christmas..

Author — Mike Lunsford


Hi. I have an Akai 4000d, it is not recording, it reproduce fine and all other functions are Ok. have you an idea what can be the problem? thanks for your attention.

Author — elizardo garcia


Mine does not output sound at the Left RCA output jack in the back. Please help repair it.

Author — J N