RAW VIDEO: Camaro vs Police Cars After Game Stop Robbery in Houston

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RAW VIDEO: Camaro vs Police Cars After Game Stop Robbery in Houston 4

Chevy Camaro leads police on a high-speed chase after Game Stop robbery in Houston

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Fake, the camaro doesn’t have a 1320 sticker on it.

Author — YouTube Viewer


Robber: Give me the

Game stop employee : Best i can do is 15$

Author — John 1122


"Put your hands up, face away from us and walk backwards!" "qué?" "No, this way!" "qué?" "That way" "qué?"

Author — Wibbly Wobble


*Takes all stolen merchandise back to GameStop*
GameStop employee: “Yeah we can give you 20 bucks for these.”

Author — A Ford F-150 with internet access


Plot twist: this is all a distraction from an even bigger heist going on across the city....

Author — Jack King


12 police cars and 1 helicopter. It's more than the whole police department of my city here in Italy. And they are chasing 1 car. LoL.

Author — angelo sabatini


He is like "well I will stay here until that helicopter's fuel runs out."

Author — Sunil Ps


I suppose they were waiting for the car to turn into a Transformer so that they could take it into custody as well.

Author — William Workley


It's only because his mum didn't alowed him to buy games as now look what happened so my message to all parents buy ur kids games or this will happen

Author — Game Ora


So, he robbed a GameStop. This is not a crime, but a balance that has been restored

Author — Yamahahaha R3


Jeeeez I was cringing so hard when the guy was pulling his pants up. he coulda been dead right there

Author — RaNdoss


"Alright, what was stolen?"
"25 copies of Most Wanted, 20 copies of GTA V and Need For Speed 2015, 18 copies

Author — Milo Wildfire


Imagine ur in a high speed chase and the GPS says "theres traffic up ahead" 0_0

Author — not moon


Just thought to point out, can’t help but smile at the green uniform officer to the right of unit 076 flipping him off after gesturing to him to turn around... 21:30 roughly 😂

Author — Josh C


cops from around the world: uses only a few patrol vehicles to stop a suspect
America: let's use our whole department for one person

Author — Jason Cheung


Imagine he robbed game stop gus for game and he stopped the car and the police came close to the car then police sees person playing xbox inside the car lol

Author — Doge Such wow such Talent


I dont get it, why didnt they just shoot to kill when they saw black skin??? Thats what a black teacher told me they do right?

Author — Whatyoudo


Cops : We got u now, get out from the car!!

Camaro : Reconnecting....⏳

Author — Andreas Arthur


I feel like they’re having him do the hokey pokey when he finally got out. 😂

Author — No Onespecial


Mom: thank God my son is playing outside instead of that stupid gta game!

Author — Vergil Chiva