President Vladimir Putin wins a fourth term in office

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President Vladimir Putin wins a fourth term in office 4
Preliminary results in Russia's presidential election show Putin winning with more than 70 percent of the vote; Amy Kellogg reports live from Moscow.

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Ofc Russians would chose Putin, I would vote for him if I was Russian. Merkel is on her 4th as well yet nobody questions the democratic nature of Germany.

Author — Moac


Go Putin the world needs more leaders like him

Author — john ryan


I think Putin is way smarter than Sharia May, and probably smarter than President Trump.

Keep your hawks in a cage Mr. Trump.

Author — Glenn Howden


Come on Fox, tone down the propaganda just a little

Author — ᛊᚺᚹᛖᛞᛊᚲᛁᛃ ᛈᚱᛁᛊᚱᚨᚲ


U.K. needs a President Putin, most ordinary people in U.K. 🇬🇧 are behind Russia, we have no faith in our Lying establishment, Putin has far more integrity in his little finger

Author — Karelli Karelli


Dear Vlad,
please nuke Theresa May.
Love Europe. 👍

Author — Invasion Of Privacy


Gratz Putin... I think the Russians interfered with this election...

Author — You You


Congratulations President Putin. We Love You From UK 🇬🇧

Author — Yvonne Esber


Putin winning is good thing for America.
I am in New Yorke America and in New Yorke we love Putin love Trump
No like communist hillary clinton
make great again forever

Author — Zombies and Milkshakes


Stalin's most famous quote is " It doesn't matter who votes. It matters who counts the votes."

Author — MrJoeyBoombotz


A lot of bots and trolls on this one. Love the one who says they're from New York yet spells it wrong...twice. LOL

Author — americafirstgal


There was no pressure, nobody was required to vote. So many lies in this video it is pathetic. Putin has won by popular vote, each time he has been in office, he has never served more than 2 terms in a row, everything he has done is entirely legal. He has been democratically elected. Navalny is a criminal, Russian peoples know this, the west claiming he was the 'anti corruption candidate' is just laughable, as he was beyond corrupt.

Author — Sedyana


I have no problems with Russia, their people, or their president. I honestly don’t think the majority of American CITIZENS do either - or could explain why they would if pressed for legit justification. The US government officials and press make it out otherwise. I hope the Russian people know this... I’m not a Democrat, communist, socialist, or tree-hugger - but can we just all fucking get along for once - JC!!!

Author — Mr. Lee


Good thing Putin won, the libtards wouldn't have anybody to blame

Author — sick of liberals


Thank God for great leaders like Putin in the Kremlin! God bless our dear friends in Russia.

Author — Alex


The Democrats were ballot stuffing in Russia?

Author — pa226pable


Majority of Russians support Putin (including myself), and this is the only reason behind his success.

Author — alex silent


- The FSB (Federal Security Service in Russia) counted hacking attempts to the Russian elections from 15 (!) countries.
- All that bashing of Putin and praise of Navalny in the Western media was obviously not an attempt to meddle in the Russian elections via the media. Remember why RT is "foreign agent"?
- It is funny to hear how undemocratic Russia is, especially since the turnout in this election was higher than the US elections in 2016. It seems weird that where the majority of people are patriotic they elect a patriotic leader. All this "ex-KGB" talk is boring. As an ex-KGB (which was simply a combination of CIA, FBI, NSA, and whatever else the US has and does) he is smart, skilled and loves his country very, very much.
I'm not Russian, I'm just human.

Author — Imre Kalman


The greatest leader in the history of this world, in my opinion! ❤

Author — Not Me


There were eight choices! That's six more than in the US! International voter watchers at the polls and extra security to see there was no Clinton voter fraud. What more do you want in a fair and free election?

Author — caroyln ankrum