Arabian Fantasy Music - Enchanted Palace

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Arabian Fantasy Music - Enchanted Palace 5
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This is a simple Arabian Ballad that I wrote some Months ago. The Title and Picture already explain pretty well what the Song is about so I don't think I need to say anything else. ;)
As always, 100% self-composed on Keyboard.
The Artwork in this Video is from a Game of the "Prince of Persia" Series.

© Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler.

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this is ridiculous! what a genius this guy is! Have you ever heard of anyone who can compose in this many styles or world music, and on such a scale, and all quality, and is as young as he is?

Author — Saffiros


I'm travelling all of the world with your music !

Very great ! :)

Author — Matthias Welling


Superb. Invoked our shared history with these fellow Asians. Sadly current climate of protectionism is tearing us Asians of India and Middle East away from each other. Your music makes us nostalgic. Thank you, Adrian.

Author — Aniruddho Chowdhury


When I read the title, I was expecting more of an European sound to the melody. Nevertheless, you've done a good job with this piece! :)

Author — Author4Croix


the Arabian music style is so unique i love it

Author — rukia kuchiki


I've always been your fan, but now I discovered you have this kind of music, everyday I find something new. This is amazing, just the perfect song for calmed writing

Author — RB_Phoebe


I seriously can't comprehend the amount of talent it must take to successfully make beautiful music from every culture.

Author — ShiP wReCk


Once again another beautiful composition.
I love to see how you've touched so many backgrounds of music and brought them together with yours. We may not need any other musicians.

Author — Zecterre


Love how the feeling of your music fits the picture, you can clearly imagine being there...

Author — Generic Khajiit


Arabic Music, always is better, Im from Mexico, I hate our music, but atabuc music is better is all.

Author — Manuel Rodriguez


This music touched my Arabic soul in beautiful way ♡ T_T ♡

Author — I'm Here


Immediately, a second into the song, I said out loud, "Oh, this is cool." ^-^

Author — Makenzie K.


love the world music "Story arc" alot:)

Yay and go you!

Author — Jaap Brasser


Love the way you combine sounds to make a masterpiece, i always wanted to listen a melody like this that can take my mind to ancient Egypt.

Author — Johanna Balseca


Everyday I am impressed and fully and completely satisfied! Love everything you do. So thank you so much for everything you do!

Author — Lynn Mcgrady


I am travelling to the Ancient Greco-Persian lands by listening this marvelous song!!! Sounds beautiful

Author — Roshan Rasalingam


Great soundtrack Adrian .. :D it's really awesome
Greeting from middle east (Saudi Arabia)
ur soundtracks reach the middle east xD keep going ..

Author — Moe SA


I just found the greatest playlist of all time! AdrianvonZiegler's uploaded videos!

Author — 14wangster


It's always great to hear your new pieces. :) They always make my day.

Author — kurlitava


Can i use this for my YouTube channel?
Really nice and peaceful

Author — fawad fadi