Husavik (My Home Town) | My Marianne - The Real Voice Behind the Song | Eurovision

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Husavik (My Home Town) | My Marianne - The Real Voice Behind the Song | Eurovision 5

Rachel McAdams is amazing in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, but did you know that isn't actually her singing. That voice is actually that of Swedish superstar Molly Sandén.

Check out Molly recording the song, side by side with Rachel's amazing performance at the end of the movie.

Follow Molly below:

Instagram - @m0llys
Twitter - @mollysanden

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Husavik (My Home Town) | The Real Voice Behind the Song | Eurovision

Two small-town singers chase their pop star dreams at a global music competition, where high stakes, scheming rivals and onstage mishaps test their bond.

💬 Comments on the video

I never thought I would be homesick for a place I have never been.

Author — Mike Oppenheim


did anyone else watch this film not expecting much but ending up really enjoying it?

"The elves have gone to far!"

Author — bilal hasan


This song makes me shed a tear every single time! 💐💐💐💐👏👏👏👏
Congratulations! You did an incredible job!

Author — Fernando Ufret


Shit, I thought I was in for some low-brow toilet humor with this movie. Didn’t know I would be ugly-crying all over my door dash food. That was a seriously beautiful song

Author — Tim


Best song of 2020 !
Also from the fun film.

Author —


The dislikes are from those who just want to hear ‘Ja ja ding dong’

Author — Khasrou 74


I feel silly for saying this, but this song brought tears to my eyes and this intense feeling i used to get watching Disney movies as a kid.. Rachel is beyond beautiful and the girl singing blew my mind. We need more pure things in this world.

Author — Nik


Hello from Canada. Dear Sweden, Molly Sanden should be considered a national treasure if she isn't already.

Author — L Hughes


To the writer, producers, director, cast & crew, composers, writers & performers of the original songs, and specifically Will & Rachel, I want to take this moment to say "thank you". From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Thank you for producing the funniest, most heartfelt comedy of the year. At a time of unprecedented darkness and despair, you graced us with a feel-good experience full of inspiration, love, kindness, and an absolutely amazing collection of original songs that will most assuredly make this movie a cult classic for years and decades to come. This movie is exactly what the world, as well as me personally, needed. Please know that you are greatly appreciated for the gift you have bestowed upon us. Thank you so very much.

Author — Mark Annotto


For everyone curious about the line “where the whales can live cause they’re gentle people”
Husavik is a well-known and popular area for whale watching!! She’s not just talking about some random ass whales. They’re really a part of her hometown! Sigrit <3

Author — Jordan Webster


You know you’re nordic when you know Molly Sandén but not the female actor😂

Author — Josefine LL


I feel so proud when she sings in Icelandic and I am an Indian Canadian. Lol

Author — krishna vora


Living in Sweden I really never cared much about Molly...Sure you know who she is..Some of her songs and that she is talented. Watching this movie an POFF Im a fan. Well done Molly Sanden I loved this

Author — Nordic Fitness Magazine


Fun fact: Whales can hear the Speorg note.

Author — Joe Smith


I don't know why is still think that Rachel Mcadams is singing, her lipsynching the song is amazing :O

Author — Japek34


If this song was to actually be done in an actual Eurovision contest, I guarantee you that Iceland will become a world superpower.

Author — Sloth Armstrong


Will Ferrell really does have the voice of an angel. The girl is pretty good too



Her voice is so incredible I had goose pimples, Rachel McAdams did a fantastic job lip syncing

Author — Forbiddenangel989


I absolutely love this song! I do want to put some conflicting stories to rest. I’ve watched all the behind the scenes and interviews because I needed to know more. Molly is lead vocals, however Rachel did do the leg work, took intense vocal lessons, and actually sang. They layered their voices together. Rachel confirmed this while praising Molly. Rachel deserves a lot of credit on the other side though, that is really Eurovision they filmed this in front of. Will confirmed they couldn’t just rent an arena and pay 9, 000 extras. Rachel stood on the real stage, in front of the actual audience, and performed this. Together they’ve put together quite possibly one of the most beautiful moments in cinema. 💖

Author — Ryan Cain


If there's an Oscars next year this will definitely be nominated.

Author — Jenn Terry