Good Question: Will Minnesota COVID-19 Cases Reach New York's Amount?

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Good Question: Will Minnesota COVID-19 Cases Reach New York's Amount? 4.5

Minnesota has 89 confirmed cases of COVID-19. That's just a fraction of the thousands of cases they're seeing in New York State – but experts think we're just a week or so behind them, reports Heather Brown (2:34).
WCCO 4 News At 10 – March 19, 2020

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I don’t think so. Much of Minnesota is rural plus we don’t have the same population number.

Author — Darling Lamb


We will never know if we don't get test, I'm tired of being paranoid. I'm thinking about talk to one of those doctors online, stressed out and feel weird symptoms and that makes me more anxious.

Author — The Good Life


15 thousands out of 20 million is equivalent as 3 thousand out of 5.5 million

Author — Red Power.红色的力量


For us MN peeps stay clean everyone and stay safe . and well be good

Author — GHOST


Only if they keep counting the people that die from somthing covid like there doing ask them ... Defund mn clame 10 on your state

Author — Kevin Holan


Because they aren’t testing more people yet!

Author — ተፈሰሂ Dingle!


Minnesota: 5.8 million IF 40% infected = 2.32 million infected (most NOT exhibiting symptoms)
at 1.5% Mortality rate = 34, 800 (potential) Minnesota deaths

That's a couple Wild Home Games worth.
For context 9/11 was 2, 973.

Author — Devlin MacGregor


There is a two week delay in the news. That virus is spreading faster than the news. Now is time to wear your N95 mask.

Author — pillowbugg


Here is the only model you need to know. ( people still dont wash their poopy hands at gas stations) virus and other germs will continue to spread because few take this seriously!
the Virus doubles every 5 days so you can expect the following if no more action is taken to limit the spread

now: 89
5 days from now : 178
10 days from now: 356
day 15: 712
day 20: 1424
day 25: 2848
day 30: 5696
day 35: 11, 392
day 40: 22, 784
day 45: 45, 568
day 50: 91, 136
day 55: 182, 272
day 60: 364, 544
day 65: 729, 088
day 70: 1.4 Million
day 75: 2.9 million
day 80: 5.8 million <-- Minnesota has a population of 5.5 million so in reality everyone would be infected by day 79 instead of day 80

Author — Drew Manupupule