Trump’s Coronavirus Address, Blooper Reel Included | The Daily Show

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Trump’s Coronavirus Address, Blooper Reel Included | The Daily Show 4.5
In his address to the nation, President Trump completely failed to ease America’s coronavirus fears, but he at least managed to create some unbelievable outtakes. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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💬 Comments on the video

whoever leaked that tape is surely gonna get fired...but you will surely be a legend to the rest of the world...we sincerely thank you for that😂👌👏🙌

Author — indefinitetruth


I really don’t understand why Americans in Europe rushed back home... their great land of no health care coverage.

Author — EA 333


That high pitched “okay” 😭😭😂😂😭😂😭😭 we’re doomed 😂😭😂

Author — Fantazomi .Xroma


Dear Americans,

Your president is my entertainment. I never laugh this hard at any comedy movie... watching videos of him speak is one of my favourite things to do while under lockdown in my country.

Thank you for the free entertainment.
Best regards.

Author — M.Sakkejha Humanitarian


Married people are supposed to buy twin beds and make sure they are 6ft apart when sleeping. The beds will come with a bonus, a free measuring tape.

Author — jan osborn


Two weeks too late. Talk about leading from behind. Kept refusing to accept reality. Eliminating the CDC’s pandemic team 2 years ago contributed to this crisis.

Author — Leonaza7


Does anyone remember the movie idocracy? I feel like that is what's happening.

Author — crazyeyed me


There is no test. They can make up anything. Married people are getting twin beds to measure 6ft apart when sleeping.

Author — jan osborn


So the "We're clear" guy is definitely fired.

Author — Randy Talltree


I have never laughed so hard...when you stop thinking about this man being the leader of the US it's pretty hilarious

Author — Kelsey Yee


There is a camera man out there getting fired today and trolled on social media. So sorry dude but thanks for the truth

Author — Debra Tracy


He is reading from cue cards, remember that.

Author — E F


accurate term eventhough he might seem to be a fool.

Author — mikin lirou


The magic word for curing this disease is "social distancing". So please, dear USA, stay away from us, until you have recovered completely from this sickness (meaning the blond hairy one). We can still keep in contact on Skype and Twitter. Sporadically.

Much obliged, the rest of this world.

Author — Alien Worthreich


Permanent marker head. bet he would not talk about Obama like this he would be called a racist !!!

Author — soinhu foitu


I feel like I'm living in a badly written end of days movie.

Author — Neghie Pean


I think the camera man will be fired yesterday already.

Author — Tshwara Motho


"Americans" are Europeans who genocided the native people... Before I forget: Google (ABC, Alphabet), Amazon, Microsoft, Apple have their headquarters in Dublin. No one questioned why ? Oh if only the corana virus turned into a computer-virus. Which it already has in a way. I prefer a nice Mexican Corona in my fridge ! With a slice of lemon of course. Bullocks up, Trumpet !

Author — We look different in the same mirror


I don’t understand why they let Trump speak. He can’t even get the teleprompter correct. Trump is such a non-political President and a racist person

Author — Gail Jackson-Chapman


Of course you people trust CNN lmao that's more hilarious 😂😂😂

Author — Bob Sarmiento