Untitled Sonic Engine - SAGE Stage WIP (Unity)

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(this is still wip, aka glitched graphics here and there, physics are still a bit wonky etc)

U.S.E (Untitled Sonic Engine) is a Unity 2D framework for making Classic Sonic goodies. Written from the ground up by me (+ the help of some plugins such as SplineMesh), it is made with the scope of being very modular yet easy to work with.
-Wanna change Sonic's speed? Yeah
-Wanna make his sensors huge? Of course
-Wanna make him huge? Duh
-Wanna make ring splines? Mhm

There will be some more content coming up in the following weeks leading up to SAGE 2021, so stay tuned

#sonic #unity2d #framework

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if youre wondering why I didn't lose rings when I hit that spike the first time, the fire shield was enabled, but its graphics are not in yet

Author — Strix


Good luck with your project, it's looking great!

Author — Foxeh


Tfw you're recommended a person you know on discord.

Author — Birb64