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Took the fully rebuilt LC 125 for a short shakedown ride & MOT.
It has had frame etc powder coated, All bearings, Bushes & seals renewed, Fully rebuilt engine with crank rebuilt, Re bore & all new bearings/Seals plus alloy polished and full respray.
Still a couple of bits to do, need to refurb switchgear, paint footrests, service master cylinder, fit goodridge hose and a caliper i have already refurbed with new seals and pistons.
Then that is it complete.

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Nice one 👍 I enjoyed the ride and good to hear you talking.

Author — SparkyRides


I had a red & white one when I was 17 in 1987. Tuned by a bike racer, 20 in first, 40 in second, 60 in third gear and it’d get there in no time. These either had great bottom end or top speed but never both. I worshipped my bike. But I crashed it in 1987 and totally wrecked it. Lucky to be alive. But by god that bike was awesome.

Author — TheGreatest


My first bike back in 1986 was a white with blue stripes and buy could it fly, all speeds exhaust, racing reeds, it could fly for a 125, the bottom end was amazing, it was so easy to put on the back wheel, top speed could hit 110, does not sound much compared to modern machines but in 1986 out of a 125of was flying, loved my little rd

Author — Jason Gerrard