Principles For Success by Ray Dalio (In 30 Minutes)

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Principles For Success by Ray Dalio (In 30 Minutes) 5

Join me on a thought-provoking adventure in my new animated mini-series, Principles for Success. I've taken my book Principles, and distilled it into a 30 minute ultra mini series that focuses on the life principles that have helped me the most.

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There's simply no price it can pay for each one of the lessons you're sharing, Ray. I had the pleasure to see you in person in San Francisco, during Dreamforce, and even covering the same topics, it seems that every time we listen to you or watch this video, something else new will pop-up in my head.

As someone who moved to another country to live a better life, who's trying hard to cope with the challenges of building a family, advancing professionally, build my own business, I feel that I need to watch this video every single week.

You have my word that I'll share it as much as I can to as many people as I can.

Thank you so much for sharing this content.

Author — Saulo Avelar


So cool to watch it after reading the book. Thank you so much Ray.
It.s amazing how principles are true for several areas in life, from businnes and relationships, to learning to juggle. Or doing anything else.

Thanks for you existence.

Author — Lucas Gardezani Abduch


This is amazingly insightful, useful and practical. I'm enjoying Mr Dalio's knowledge.

Author — ADPTraining


Thank God for the internet, for YouTube and for the era I was born in.
I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon this video.

Author — Victor skinny fella


1:08 *You Need To Think For Yourself About What Is True*
2:25 Time Carries Us Forward, We have to approach them in the best way possible
3:34 *Embrace Reality & Deal With It*
4:34 *Truth Is The Essential Foundation For Producing Good Outcomes*
5:32 Dreams + Reality + Ambition
6:35 Pain + Reflection = Progress

7:30 *The Five Step Process*
1. Know
2. Encounter
3. Diagnose problems
4. Design a plan
5. Execute designs

9:11 Adapt or Die

9:50 The Fall, (in 1982)
11:25 Broke, Giving Up His Great Life

13:14 *Everything Is A Machine*
27:33 Breakdown & Evolution (Humanistic take, not so much Theological)

Author — Michael Pisciarino


15:08 or the once in hundred year Pandemic

Author — Nick Bastian


Thank you. So much wisdom, e.g.: "The things we are struggling for are just the bait. Striving to achieve them forces us to evolve…"

Author — Carola Meyer



Author — ObscuredBy Clouds


It’s been great seeing your comments and discussing the video with you. I hope you’ll share it with others you think might enjoy or benefit from it.

Author — Principles by Ray Dalio


Salute to the animator here, he or she is clearly brilliant and understands the golden ratio's influence on dynamics. #Salute

Author — Wayman Harris


I love discovering new people/authors that I can learn from. I just recently discovered Ray Dalio, and I really appreciate so much of what he has to say... as well as the fact that he has decided to try to share it. I'm in my early 40's, and these principles resonate very, very strongly with me. The struggle really has become a beautiful thing. I just experienced a failure this week that shook me. It shook me because it hurt my ego and my confidence. Over the past 2 days, I've thought about what I learned and what I will do differently next time. This has rekindled my desire to keep trying and to learn more each day... this in turn renews my confidence this time based on learning and perseverance rather than my ego.... of course I'll repeat this cycle again soon... I can hardly wait!

Author — Chad Mowery


I'm gonna watch this video over and over again at the end of each year.

Author — EVE XU


“I feared boredom and mediocrity more than I feared failure”

Author — Cameron


I invested in both stock and Cryptocurrencies but I see Crypto is doing more better and profitable

Author — Anastasia Rex


After watching this for a few minutes I’ve bought your book and recommended it to a relative.
This was probably the best YouTube video I’ve ever seen.

Author — Simplify Life


It feels like I've searched for this video my whole life

Author — Oskari Silvoniemi


This video litteraly teach you how to deal With your Life in order to get the most of it ( your best version )

Author — Hamza Harfaoui


I admire Ray that when he achieves success, he took the time to share how he does it so other people can be successful

Author — terryfeifan


Thank you for this Ray, I've rewatched this multiple times and every time come away with something new.

Author — Scottie Schneider


Salute to the animator here, he or she is clearly brilliant and understands the golden ratio's influence on dynamics. #Salute

Author — Hensley Hophman