The Sound of the Abkhaz language (Numbers & Greetings & UDHR)

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Abkhaz (Аҧсуа бызшәа / Apsua byzshwa)
Native to: Abkhazia and Abkhaz diaspora
Ethnicity: Abkhazians
Native speakers: 190,110 (2014–2015)
Language family: Northwest Caucasian

sometimes spelled Abxaz, also known as Abkhazian, is a Northwest Caucasian language most closely related to Abaza. It is spoken mostly by the Abkhaz people. It is one of the official languages of Abkhazia, where around 100,000 people speak it. Furthermore, it is spoken by thousands of members of the Abkhazian diaspora in Turkey, Georgia's autonomous republic of Adjara, Syria, Jordan and several Western countries. The Russian census of 2010 reported 6,786 speakers of Abkhazian in Russia.

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Hermosa lengua y cultura. El mundo debe reconocer este país y no invisibilizarlo.

Author — @andressanzcorrea1168


This language is so beutiful! It sounds like a mix of Slavic and Turkic langauges, and I love that! I'd love to learn it someday! Greetings form Poland :)

Author — @averystorm5872


I love the North Caucasus languages. ❤️ from Florida.

Author — @christinaoliveira4805


I wish there was more resources to learn this language in English.



Long live Abkhazia and their beautiful language

Author — @daikon205


Thank you for sharing Abkhaz language! We are friendly, hospitable and kind nation! Our republic borders with our adyge and abaza brothers on the north
Apsua Abaza Adyge UEI UEI !💚💚💚

Author — @gerardpooque7383


My first girlfriend was an ethnic Abkhazian(Abaza) from Düzce in Turkey. There are 125 k Abkhazians in Abkhazia and 200 k in Turkey. More than motherland. This is insanely beautiful language to listening live conversations try to x2 speed to get my point.

Author — @ANICETVS


even though I'm from Tbilisi and don't know Abkhaz language it might be actually nice to learn Abkhazian language at least to speak/talk to Abkhazians who doesn't want independence and still be part of Georgia

Author — @Siniy.


Thank you for this video! Abkhazian language is cultural heritage of Georgia and it's very important for us, Georgians! i seen videos about Georgian and Mingrelian languages, please do for Lazuri and Svanuri languages, too...

Author — @averagekartvelian122


These consonant clusters is on another level they remind of moroccan darija

Author — @yassintriggerdellarobia


The speaker of video probably speaks Russian better than Abkhaz. I have heard older speakers speak this language with a different accent.

Author — @po91914


I hope this language doesn't die too like Ubykh

Author — @user-nq3mx8ot1g


the O hook letter, "Wü" sound a bit hard and unique

Author — @redsycss


I love north caucas from iran😍💕💜🌸 i really love you

Author — @baharpourali1522


Abkhiz in persian means a region full of water

Author — @mollaarash


Я желала бы изучать Абхазкий или черкеский

Author — @kyrgyzstanuzbekistan8065


Ахәҭаҷ Аҧсны Ахада Жәлар Реизарахь Иреиҳаӡоу (АААЖРИ)

Author — @iQuizzy


Millions of troops were coming, 50, 000 Caucasians were our home in the Caucasus at that time, and now they are taking it away from us, we have been fighting for centuries, there is no power above us. Georgia♥️apkhazia this is one blood♥️

Author — @mariamikvirkvelia2301


Circassian language (Kabardin) not same like, not similitary ..

Author — @oguzhanugur886


Дызусҭзаалак ауаатәыҩсатә ҭаацәара иҳаҭыри иара иузуҟәжәымҭхо имоу изинқәаи ахақәиҭреи аиашареи адунеижәларбжьаратәи аҭынчреи шьаҭас ишымоу хшыҩзышьҭра азуа

Author — @rafiabatool2542