Protests continue in Iran, while questions surround U.S. evidence that led to Soleimani's death

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Protests continue in Iran, while questions surround U.S. evidence that led to Soleimani's death 3

Defense Secretary Mark Esper appeared to contradict President Trump when he said he did not see evidence indicating Iran was planning to attack four U.S. embassies. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy, The Hill reporter Julia Manchester, and former Department of Homeland Security adviser Charles Marino join CBSN to discuss the White House response as anti-government protests continue to flare up in Iran.

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Pray for the people of Iran. May God bless their courage in opposing the Islamic regime..

Author — Jonathan DeLeon


"Are you seeing here an administration that is just on different pages, or ... a little bit of dysfunction in messaging."

First of all, those are the same thing. Secondly, it's neither. It's very simple: Trump makes up whatever he wants on the spur of any given moment. He's done that over and over again, and leaves his subordinates with the task of trying to clean up the mess.

Finally, they're _both_ lying. There was no imminent threat. That should be obvious. One way we can _know_ there wasn't is because there has been no news of us putting down the actual threat and yet there has been no attack.

Geez, I get sick and tired of news media pussyfooting around about this pathological liar. Despite their persistent efforts to bend over backwards not to offend Trump he calls them fake news, anyway. So don't sugarcoat it.

Author — Astrobrant2


How can I help with animals in astralla I would like to donate for help

Author — Cristian Gonzalez


Like Iran / Iraq ( " will not be another Vietnam war" ), starting wars with no facts, and putting our military in harms way for no good reason again

Author — SierWilliam


*Change From Iran & Syria Takiaa Shia Goverment to Sunni Peaceful..* 👍😊👍



You need to move on CBSN. Stop making complete fools of yourselves. You are even embarrasing me!

Author — Jaded Cynic


Soleimani was a enemy of the US, if the operation in Tehran which occurred at the same time against another high ranking military adviser was successful Iran would be crippled indefinitely.
US embassy was attacked which led to the death of one US citizen before the missile attack. One innocent american is more valuable then the entire Iranian government.

Author — Salidin


Iran citizens want freedom from their governments lies.

Author — NS


SUSPICION Surrounds the TRUMP Administration Continually

Author — Shawn Munger


Long live khamanie Today world media knows that people understand what they teaches to them kindly be fair from India to u.s media is most corrupted iran is democracy nd people of Iran are happy nd support their gov. But sanctions of u.s are making it hard for them u.s are working for Israel they are making enemy just to make Israeli lobby happy, Shia Muslims love Americas Iran love them but their policy are just for Israeli people who thinks people of u.s are deaf nd dumb

Author — mohammad ali naqvi


Did any Ambassador or Embassy get a memo of this imminent Iran attack? Or is this another lie to get us behind this war declared by Trump after weapons of mass destruction in Iraq by Sadam Hussein in the last war?

Author — tanattecnocraft


Trump should behave as leader of a country not as a ceo of a company, its involve life many many life

Author — Ptyty


The good citizens of Iran protest their government's actions....and meanwhile the Anti-Testicular SoyBoy justin trudeau supports Iran shooting down of the airliner.

Author — Hammerschlägen M


Left seems more upset about Vince Vaughn, than Irans terror General Soleimani killing Americans.

Author — AP AS


Trump just cannot tell the truth. Even if in the rare instance that he may be doing something right. The fact is that He is not a leader. He is a self centered egotistical liar.

Author — Chasingame


Trump is a fool as always thinking he will bring peace but he created war in iran and separated those that Hispanics from their family's husband, mother being separate from their children he is no president

Author — John Colman


It is funny watching CBS struggle to try and keep making this look bad for Trump when he is looking even Stronger. and what is there to Slimeinai killed over 600 US Troops!

Author — Marco Solo


The comedic value of American presidents has gone through the roof with Trump, he’s a hoot.

Author — I X