rebuild: obs engine rta (.22 ohms)

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First of all, thanks for your videos, they are very informative and I love the way you explain everything 👍 I have just used this method on my obs engine moving both coils to the top and your method of wicking. Wow, my engine now feels like a totally different rta😳 I also really enjoyed your vid on the theorem rta, I have one on the way and your vid was much more helpful than others I’ve seen.
I have subscribed and look forward to more. Thanks again Trevor.

Author — Paul Thompson


This is the 3rd video I've watched from you. Really a good super job. I like your style of making the videos as well...ability to teach a novice yet informative with pro tips. Also your laid back/relaxed attitude with a vapors enthusiasm. DON'T CHANGE UP...GREAT JOB!!!

Author — Old Goat


Thank you brother great build, I just got one today in the mail and follow your instructions. You're the best!!

Author — Raul Zaldivar


Thanks for the tutorial Trevor. I have one coming in a couple of days and can't wait. Really clear and helpful advice. I got the Cheetah a couple of weeks ago and am enjoying that as it is leak proof and no condescension (I like to call it) on the mod.

Author — Ian Thomas


Great video. I had no idea you could do that! Is it safe?

Author — Victoria White


Just wanted to say thank you for the video. I was wicking all wrong I thought for some reason to have the wick hit the bottom. Now this thing is amazing when wicked properly

Author — UncleGew


I never check the notch. I just start screwing and it catches the notch any way. I think that was the purpose of it. You don't have to aim. Just slowly rotate without pushing to hard, every thing clicks in place.

Author — yt678901


Thanks for the show. I much enjoyed your attention to detail.

Author — Toby G


You do a great job at explaining and demonstrating every step. Very helpful info thanks!

Author — Sin Nombre


I really like your coil builds and positioning, as well as wicking and priming technique. Everytime my friends were asked about who is your favorite youtuber on vaping tutorials, they quickly says RipTrip, GrimmGreen, TM, Yoc, etc. When I was asked to that same question, I said Trevor Jones. Great work man! See you on the next videos!

Author — Pisang Laut


Great video. Just picked this up and getting ready to use it.

Author — bmoraski


Around 8:30 you smush the ends of the coil legs into back into the posts, i use needle nose plies and just squeeze them in by squeezing the entire post. Then you dont have to put any pressure on the 510 or isolator :)

Author — TiddyPhuq


the best rta i have ever used no leaks and best flavor ever when wicked properly like in this video.

Author — sajidkhanmahmood


Awsome review /build brother..I'm finally getting one after the holidays.merry Christmas trev

Author — Nicholas Giunta


Really enjoyed this video, trevor is the bob ross of building and wicking.

Author — WillieB383


geat video TJ I've bought my but still haven't wicked it up yet, thank you so much info deffo gonna wick mine like you said!

Author — A Rahman


Hi buddy, excellent video - great deal of information for both beginners and experienced vapers alike.

I have a question regarding the positioning of your coils ( apologies if you have already been asked and have answered this already) why is that you place both coils in the top holes of the build deck - does it make a difference in terms of performance or is it more of a "down to personal preference" type thing? I personally am more of a flavour chaser type, and a novice at building... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Btw your style of videos are awesome - keep up the good work buddy 👍🏾

Author — dutty ness


Hey man i found something very interesting u should buy the black version i have both 25mm black and silver and they are different the drip tip is not the same and the airflow on the black one is smoother it is very weird i have pics if u want on email to compare :))

Author — Teodorescu Alexandru


nice always why you do it when you build. it helps to know why to apply to my builds. I hate because I told you so! keep on vaping and building.

Author — Bob w


Excellent build technigue Trevor. Thanks :) P.S. Thanks for the link for the tendor foot. Been wanting one for 2 years lol cya on final thoughts :)

Author — Octane 1320