Il Timpano

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This is an excerpt from the wonderful 1996 movie, The Big Night. In these scenes, the Italian pasta dish timpano is made and served.

I claim no copyrights to these materials - they belong entirely to the folks who made the movie. I encourage you to rent or buy it - it is a terrific story that will make you hungry.

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Seeing as Italy has dozens of regional dialects and cuisines, I think Timpano and Timballo are both correct--depending on what part of the country you come from.

Author — PetertheChanter


We've made this once using The Stanley Tucci cookbook. I made one with meat, and my wife made for for the Vegans with vegetables and pasta only. Simply sinfully delicious! Also referred to as Timballo in some other regions of Italy. Paired with a Calabrian red wine and it was "Perfetto"!

Author — Boomer Ranger Ron


I would go absolutely nuts hand rolling all those damn noodles

Author — Brandon Nakagaki


One of my all time favorite movie scenes. When you know you have been bested.

Author — info781


I came here from _Binging with Babish_ to see what happened after 3:03.

Surely enough, it had the rather expected, albeit enjoyable twist.

Author — LinkEX


The way they start lovingly patting the Timpano at 2:08!

Author — Katrinawitch


I want to try this atleast once in my life.

Author — Caleb Grill


..very under rated movie.. and this makes me hungry too lol

Author — james williams


Love Ian Holm in this film...sleep well, Sir 🥰🥰

Author — stevie dmrbk


no ones gonna talk about how he looks exactly like borat?

Author — g


"Secret recipe" you could legit see all the ingredients

Author — DogeGaming341


Quem veio por causa do MasterChef Brasil levanta a mão! 🤣👍🏻

Author — Gustavo Ribeiro


Damn, Minnie Driver is looking really good here.

Author — Frank Furlacker


moustachioed Tony Shalhoub looks like soup nazi lol

Author — Grimey


Great movie, great story, no futuristic special effects.

Author — chugger smith


I came because of Binging with Banish and to see why the man slammed down on the table in the movie. Glad it was for a good reason! :)

Author — Patrick Blake


I only just recognized tony Shalhoub. Well damn, now i guess I have to watch this movie.

Author — Mister Roboto999


some said this was the very last indie produced movie since the small studios all got bought and now only europe make these small budget stories with big impact!!

Author — bernhardtsen74


What's that song they're playing when making that monstrosity?

Author — tigris115


If there is a better movie about cooking let me know, it captures the anxiety mixed with joy and pride of working with flames to create, plus the battle between front of the house and back

Author — T