Xiaomi YI 2 4K Action Camera REVIEW vs GoPro (4K)

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The YI 2 4K is a fantastic action camera for a great price! I've been using GoPro's for many years, and though they've created a great product and pushed the envelope for development, they've definitely had their recent problems, a couple including an expensive price point, and no built-in screen for it's highest-end model, the Hero 4 Black. (Kinda absurd IMHO.)
The YI 2 has "borrowed" a lot from the GoPro playbook, yet improved on it, created a BETTER product, AND it's MUCH CHEAPER in price!

Here are some of the main specs of the YI 2:
-155 degree wide angle, f/2.8 lens
-1400mAh battery, (~2hr recording time at 4K 30fps), (8hrs standby)
-2.19 inch screen, 16:9 ratio, 330PPI
-Dual-band WiFi
-Dual Microphone
-Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), 6-axis

Watch the video for my full review - side by side comparison shots to the GoPro start at: 1:34 (In my opinion, I'd say the YI 2 footage looks just as good, or slightly better (slightly sharper) than the GoPro. I do miss Protune, but maybe we'll see that with a future update.)

Other negatives or wish list items I forgot to mention:
-I'd love to see a cutout backdoor add on for the housing case, thus I can use the touch screen controls when the case is on (if I'm not going underwater with it of course)
-The Flat color profile seems a little off, maybe it's the White Balance or other settings, but I'd like to see this improved with future firmware updates
-There is no "digital crop-in" or "Narrow FOV" modes - not a big deal, I never used those modes anyway, but just FYI
-The microSD card slot is under the battery compartment door, thus not easily accessible if it's mounted on a tripod

In conclusion, I really like the YI 2 action cam, and IMO it's the new best action camera on the market, for now! (Especially for the price!)
I'm looking forward to see what GoPro has planned for it's next Hero model, and we'll see if it can reign again...

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For all you folks complaining about the Protune comparison, the Yi did NOT have the firmware for flat profile pushed out yet at the time of filming, AND I purposefully placed the gopro in protune over normal so you can see the dynamic range comparison of the two.

Author — AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke


❤❤ Awesome review !!!! thank you so much for the info, i knew there had to be gopro alternatives out there 💯💯

Author — Warped Perception


Regarding latency test, that looked pretty fast but it's hard to tell exactly what it is.
Can you film a fast clock (you can use a smartphone stopwatch app) and compare the latency of the actual clock and the clock that shows up on the Wi-Fi preview on the phone?

Author — George Ou


Amazing how action cameras get better by the day. My new DJI action 2 blows my mind.

Author — Louis Frantz


After this review, for sure I'm buying a Yi. It's a spectacular camera if you're on a low budget, it's got amazing features, and a ton of setting. Glad you helped me

Author — Diego Roman


I actually bought one of these in rose gold, and am super happy. After owning multiple GoPro models, it's nice to see some pressure put in gopro to up their game and maybe bring cost down a bit. Also, great review! however I don't share your opinion on the stabilization. I find it VERY effective. I've compared some situations with my Hero 3 and its night and day.

Author — Chris Dwyer


Brilliant review, super informative and even a demo inside of 5 mins! Well done man :-)

Author — Neil M


I really liked your review on the Yi4K. I just ordered the Olympus TG-Tracker not knowing first hand about the Yi. I haven't received it as yet, and watching some video reviews it doesn't appear to have the IQ of some of it's competitors, but what it does have is 5-axis IS, and for me that is paramount. A couple of questions: Have you had a look at the TG-Tracker, and do you know if there is, or will be a firmware update on the Yi4K to improve IS? Thank you Ben?

Author — Harwood Photography


Having watched this video, then I decided to buy xiaomi....

Author — junaidi karo karo


The new Yi is super awesome, but the accesories you showed right there are not original Xiaomi ones, so you can't compare them to the Copro ones, which are actually manufactured by gopro. Still even with OEM parts it would probably alot cheaper.

Author — muh1h1


Didn't know Xiaomi makes action cameras but hey I'm all good with my DJI. Happy.

Author — JoshGamingYT


I saw this about a year ago and checked it out in Hong Kong...suggested it to my buddy as a potential alternative which he did but no report back yet. I"ve been a HUGE GoPro fan and have had every major model but admit, I agree with your very good quick review. Thanks for that. The Yi 2 made the correct additions that GP doesn't have that you pointed out. PS What is "live authentic" mean ?

Author — K Erickson


Own 1 and the firmware support has been amazing. Haven't been this happy with a purchase for a long time hah.

Author — Kuen


Thanks for the video it's awesome! Does YI 4k have the same lens size as gopro 4 ? I'm asking because of macro lenses and filters compatibility (and strangely no one in any review mentioned that). Thanks and keep up the good work.

Author — Ziggy K


excellent video. I have several questions:

1) Go Pro Hero5 offer cloud technology to back up videos. Does Yi 4K have that option?

2) Is there a wireless way to transfer the videos from the camera to desktop (ex: Bluetooth)

3) I have noticed that there is an "ULTRA" (example 720 ULTRA 1280 x 720) mode as a resolution option (check 1:09) . What does this mode do? Is the pictures any better on this mode or is it a way to reduce consumption of storage space?

4) I used to have a Canon Vixia HF200 and output files of the videos where on AVCHD mode, which I hated because then I have to sit there and convert them to mp4. What is the output file format of this camera?

5) You mentioned that the Yi does well against Go Pro but does Yi have the software and customer support that comes with a Go Pro?

Thanks for your help Ben as I am trying to narrow down which camera to buy before the Cyber Monday swings around.

Author — John Mathew


The Gopro has the ability for adding an external microphone. Good for motovlogging, I choose gopro for my primary Camera and in the future I will buy the new yi cam 4K for Secondary footage. I love the gyroscope stabilizer(video stabilization) on that Yi cam 4K.

Author — juniormainmotor


You forgot to mention that the GoPro accessories break a lot more easier than the knock off ones. Also the faceplate for the GoPro comes off very easily.

Author — Danny


I've been importing cheap Chinese 4k action cams for 18 months and it isn't only price that goes against the gopro. Some of these cams come with up to 20 extra pieces of gear! As far as image quality, I can't go past the value of these alternatives! Great video man! Enjoyed it!

Author — whyohbee


Thanks for a good review and comparison. I'm looking for something I can take on my trail races (to replace my Garmin Virb Elite, which is just too bulky). Yi 2 looks like it!

Author — srdiaries


I have a mi 4c from xiaomi and i love it! It's amazing how xiaomi is able to make such good products with nice build quality and yet the price is lower than the other gadgets from other companies.

Author — Shark