Air Traffic Controllers Asleep on the Job

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Air Traffic Controllers Asleep on the Job 5

When air traffic controllers fall asleep on the job, pilots are forced to land blind.

From: TERROR IN THE SKIES: Small Mistakes

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Imagine you feel asleep at work once and at least 1.5 million people know

Author — Snack Dealer


If you have just one guy and he has a medical emergency what is supposed to happen??? Problem is the lack of staff.

Author — Lucky M


Planes should have a big red button that would cause a loud siren to sound in the tower.

Author — Petr75661


Actually happens more often than you think. There needs to be more laws for people who work so many hours in such an important position.

Author — Cameron Abney


Why is there only 1 person in that air traffic control room? There should be couple of them or at least 3 as a backup.

Author — MV N


The fact that he “fashioned a bed”, meant that he planned to be out for a while

Author — She Wins


Stop giving rotating shifts. That messes with our sleep

Author — Yankee TM


It took 5 hours to have someone check on the air traffic controller?

Author — YungChip030


See you all in 10 years when the YouTube algorithm calls us back here.

Author — BigMac


Treat it as an uncontrolled airport, announce your intentions, position and land

Author — Jon B


On most modern airliners, there's a built in alarm that goes off if the pilots haven't touched the controls in a set period of time. First you get a visual warning that says "pilot response" on the main panel, and all you have to do to get rid of it is to touch basically any control anywhere in the cockpit. If you don't do that, after a little while, you get a second "pilot response" warning, this time in flashing text. If you STILL don't respond, it triggers a beeping alarm in the cockpit which is loud enough to either wake the pilots up, or be heard outside the cockpit to basically let people know that no one is flying the airplane. This sounds like the sort of thing that could work for air traffic controllers too...

Author — Conor Corrigan


Imagine thinking “yeah imma just close my eyes for a few minutes” and you wake up to 300 people dead because you didn’t guide an airplane to safety.

Author — TrillMatic 187


Instructions not clear. Plane fell asleep!

Author — DementedButtHole


After watching this video, I'm tired now too



Rotating shifts sucks big time feel sorry for those Air Controllers.

Author — Eduardo G.


I thought this was a air force proud 95 video

Author — Joseph Eischen


they need FIXED hours, being FLEX has a MAJOR health and safety problems

Author — Zraupp10


I hope they fired these controllers who fell asleep. Puts the flying public in danger.

Author — Mike Jones


Many airports do not have a air traffic controller after hours. and in general they are not necessary unless it is a large busy Airport.

Author — Greg Walker


There should be 2 or more than 2 people and shift should not be circulating...if the duty is for night time it should be the night time person can make a routine and sleep accordingly.

Author — Adil Muneer