Serge Modular Paperface 2.0 - Official 50th Anniversary Edition

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

The Paperface Anniversary system is a standalone, externally powered, authentic Serge synthesizer.

Panel 1 (Sequencer):
Serge Gate Sequencer
Enhanced SQP4 Sequencer / Programmer with UP/DOWN, HOLD
Serge Metronomic Clock
Bidirectional Router
Enhanced SQP4 Sequencer / Programmer with UP/DOWN, HOLD
Peak & Trough

Panel 2 (Voice):
Serge Vintage Oscillator 2022, temperature-compensated, 1V/Oct
Serge Vintage Oscillator+ 2022, temperature-compensated, 1V/Oct, with PULSE and PWM
Serge Noise
Smooth & Stepped Generator (SSG)
Dual CV-Pro
Triple Waveshaper (TWS)
Serge 1973 VCF + Balanced Output

💬 Comments

this looks so beautiful - and finally a serge-demo that is not just noisy drones and farts

Author — verstaerker


a beautiful looking and sounding instrument

Author — Robin Rimbaud-Scanner


Oh man 😮 Beautiful. In every single way

Author — Geoff Hood


What key or scale is this? Such a haunting melody. #D down to B and then down to #G? This demo is making me want to save up to these panels. edit: comment won't post if you want to put the hashtag after the letter. Not even the people at Google read notes.

Author — bitspacemusic


splendid! when will the anniversary system be available for purchase?

Author — mantikora gio