Genius Inventions Proving You're Living in the Future

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Genius Inventions Proving You're Living in the Future 4.5

From an autonomous racing tournament to ingenious sensors and devices, coming up are some amazing ideas, inventions and gadgets proving we're living in the future!

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Then theres me, an Idiot, thinking were living in the present

Author — Poweredpixels 1


"wERe lIVinG iN tHe fUTuRe!"
**adds a regular battery decorated as a soda can to your dead phone when you could just buy a portable charger**

Author — kevinpettigrewart


The self heating driveway is gonna have so many sleeping cats

Author — Alexandra Jones


#19: A One-time-phone-charger is what you consider futuristic? Even though they may be recycable, I'd rather say that's the exact opposit. Ever heard of powerbanks? They are rechargable and so way less waste. You realize that we should get rid of all this if we want our planet to be safe to life on for future generations?
#10: There are also very few uses I can imagine for something like this that aren't just bad for the environment.
#9: Also just useless waste of energy.
#8: That's really genius, but why did you use a bacteria pictogram when you were talking about viruses?
#4: Bumpers? Seriously? Cars used to have bumpers that were worthy that name as a standard when I was a kid. Then the car companies stopped to use them, mainly for design reasons. And now someone "reinvented" them? What a genius. Those still look crappy as as if they would realy hurt if you are not in a car when they hit you.

Author — ThamiorSilberdrache


Love how the malaria preventing kite badge which can save lives in the millions comes behind the hot tub warmer bubbles

Author — Sodium AI314


This guy sounds like he ends every sentence with “laaadies” in real life

Author — Good Golly, Miss Lolly


BeAmazed: *talks about a battery that plugs directly into your phone*
Me: So basically someone invented another battery bank?

Author — Lightningstone2u


The air umbrella was cancelled 5 years ago. Get your facts straight.

Author — abas chaudhari


Ok that little robot delivery vehicle would not last 5 minutes in London's streets, nor would that fancy bench.

Author — Russell Conn


Allowing elderly people extra time to cross the street would be excellent! Whenever I cross the street with my father we can almost never make it in time. :(

Author — Emily Archibald


Some of these are just amazing. Others, like the driverless race cars, are not. Taking the human element out of racing takes all the fun out of it. UGG!

Author — Melody Norris


He’s acting like we never heard of portable charging stations

Author — Wolf O


If I see one of those little robots rolling around my area, it is coming home with me so I can teach it to get me beer from the fridge.

Author — Philly Repo


Be Amazed: " You are living in the future "

Me: *Yeah, I'm totally not confused*

Author — Evetchen Brown


Living in the future?
More like living in hell because of whats happening around the world.

Author — Mr Egg.


"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed"- William Gibson

Author — D`fuk nadaafalar


I like that air umbrella thing, until a chinese invented it.

Author — Silvermist neoncloud


I think that life straw has been around for a few years.

Author — Catweasle


Most of these things have been out for a while, honestly this video seems like very little effort was put into it.

Author — Xavier Clifton


5:22 This is actually standard in cars produced from 2014 and later (at least in The Netherlands). It's called TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).

Author — Kevin de Groot