Putin: Russia condemns the attack against Syria

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Putin: Russia condemns the attack against Syria 2
Russian President Vladimir Putin responds to joint airstrikes in Syria; Dr. Sebastian Gorka reacts on 'Fox & Friends.'

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This is the danger of fake media. I don’t know what to believe anymore. Our countries only pump in what they want us to hear...

Автор — 2BLESSED


No more respect for Gorka. What an ass hat. RUSSIA invaded a country? So America going into Syria isn't an invasion? Iraq remember that?

Автор — fordsrule35


Do the people of America actually believe these lies?
Oh well, in the land of the blind...

Автор — Zubair Ahmed


Assad is not so stupid to use chemical weapons to bring condemnation on himself and when he is winning the war.

Автор — Cedric Joseph


America what will be the repercussions for bombing Syria? Where is the evidence of such claims? Why do we think we cannot be touched?



Please Putin attack Trump and the corrupt government officials not my house I love my cats so much.

Автор — spinachmold


Putin and Assad are men of God. You people on the other hand are Occult drunk evil doers

Автор — Uthu Santuhan


you know it's fake when they put dumb faces in front of camera..

Автор — thinkelel


I cannot believe what I'm seeing. Even the vaunted Fox News staff are drinking the leftist kool-aid. This is a great tragedy.

Автор — SysterEuropa


This sounds exactly like CNN fake news!!!

Автор — Petko Iordanov


LOL, weapon of mass destruction again?? you have not found that in Iraq yet, now assuming for another country?
Assad is winning all fronts in the war, got back %75 of land, why he has to use Gas?
Only stupid people would believe that.

Автор — Mamad Irooni


fake news fake news, don t bother watching, look at russian tv seriously guys. Poutine is very transparent wanting to dialog and only ask for proofs. USA has no proof at all
am reeaalllly pissed off, please guys all that fox news say is fake news, even Trump told it.

Автор — alexandre diakhate


You people are devoid of a soul. Russia supplies Europe with nat gas through Iran. You and your corporate masters want to put a gas line in from Qatar through (((SYRIA))) to Turkey and bust up Russia's gas market in Europe. There folks, this is what these sell-out pansies will never tell us. The truth.

Автор — Doug Graves


Staged and fake news ! No body cares about innocent lives there ! Syria is an important location to transport oil from Iran or Qatar to Western Europe and that is the price its innocent people are paying.

Автор — The Bird Man


Why is Putin criticized for being a KGB Col? I don't think being a patriot is a vice-I would be concerned if he were a CIA Major in the USA. Putin has an 85% approval rating-Trump 35%. Russia has been in 1 war-Afghanistan-they were trying to oust the radical Islamists led by Osama Bin Laden-and we called him a freedom fighter and armed this terrorist. We have been fighting in Afghanistan for 17 years-and we are losing. We invaded Iraq II under the lie of WMDs-known to be a lie. Yet Putin is the thug? What are we? Angels of mercy? Maybe some proof would have been nice that Assad, and not the rebels, launched this attack.

Автор — Christopher Dunn


Staged chemical attack nice try trump we believe in russia

Автор — Geoffrey de wilde


Tell me this what other country in the world u see in other peoples business.. Amrica in the faces of wht other countrys do..



Well are you blind can you read do you know your history apparently not.America made Isis America supported Isis America still supports.Dr Dorka get real.

Автор — Pieter allen Master Blue


It’s great to see the people in the comments section are hip to this ....

Автор — Angela Stars


"the right thing to do"
Syrian killing Syrian, so US Kill Syria to stop Killing Syrian.
yeah makes sense. ... this will only create more hatred towards the US and more terrorism

Автор — Perfect Blue