Škoda Superb 3 Combi FL - Night 4K POV test drive & review | LED Matrix test & Launch Control 0-100

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Škoda Superb 3 Combi FL - Night 4K POV test drive & review | LED Matrix test & Launch Control 0-100 5

Škoda Superb 3 Combi FL - Night POV test drive and review in 4K. Launch Control 0 - 100 and LED Matrix headlights test in pitch dark.

Test car:

Škoda Superb 3 Combi 2020 Facelift (Premium package)

Engine: 2.0 TDI (4 cylinder - Diesel) - 190 HP
Transmission: DSG 7-speed automatic
Drive: all-wheel 4x4
Top speed: 223 km/h (138 mp/h)
Acceleration: 0 - 100 km/h (62 mp/h) in 8.2 sec

Color: Business Gray Metallic
Interior color: Black
Trunk space: 660 l - max 1950 l

- Crew Protect Assist - additional airbag for rear passengers
- Driver Alert - driver rest alert
- Kessy - keyless entry, and start/stop button
- Park Assist
- Sound System Canton
- Travel Assist - sign recognition
- Electric Panoramic Sun Roof
- 19" Allow Wheels Canopus Black

Base price in Croatia including taxes (25% VAT & CO2 tax): 45K €
Price for this model with extras: 51K €

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💬 Comments on the video

15:35 watch Matrix LED turn off on Renault Clio on the left side.

Author — Josip Ricov


Great review, just one thing... don't test matrix light on motorway, it doesn't recognize trucks that are coming on the opposite way and the drivers will be blinded. Otherwise really great job

Author — Kotfas Sebastian


By night is even more beautiful. Congratulations for your review.

Author — Alfredo Cesarano


I like your style of reviews. I will watch you further

Author — Aliaksandravič


Odličan! Jedva čekam novu Škodu octaviu 19/20 može ikako renault clio 5 pov driving.. Pozdrav

Author — AELZ


Next time please test the safety systems

Author — Trond Eie


nezdá se ti že ty dalkáče svítí moc nahoru a tvoří neosvětlenou čáru mezi potkavacími?

Author — Filip Češek


kakva je buka u kabini? popravljeno naspram pre fl modela?

Author — Knorsky


molim te za tvoj lični utisak o udobnosti u tvojoj Octaviji i sada u Superbu?

Author — Aleksandar Gucunja


It is an excellent car, but there is one thing that is terrible for me....the engine. You can hear through the video that diesel sound. It is awful.

Author — R3dLinE