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RESOURCES (groups mentioned are kind groups who do not shame ex-members):

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Someone like you two should start a consulting agency that helps women coming out of an MLM start their own for rehabilitating back to the real world. I know this sounds fake - I’m dead serious.

Author — Ashley Gotschall


Who tells someone to disown their sister because of an MLM. No wonder Rachael Hollis’ marriage fell apart.

Author — Nikki Lynn


I never made it to the top like you two, but the reason I quit was because my upline told me to go to a board plan instead of grandfather's funeral. They said I could honor him by building my business. That was the last straw and I quit immediately after that. I realized in that moment that even if I made it to the top, my life wouldnt be mine. What if my wife was in labor during a conference, would they shame me for not being "all in"?? Its ridiculous

Author — Christopher Peery


I'm an ex arbonne rep and I know who this girl and her team is. I'm SO glad to see her share her story in whatever way she can. She def was a BIG deal. Her story was used to bring a lot of people in and when she left a lot of people were so pissed but tried to be so hush hush about it.

Author — Margaret


When Jane Doe said "I didn't feel successful because my team wasn't winning" -that is a sign of someone who takes leadership seriously. It is also the sign of not being a sociopath, which to really succeed in an MLM I think you kind of have to be. So glad you got out!

Author — haven311


Getting a degree is discouraged because colleges teach critical thinking skills...

Author — Elizabeth M


GIRL IDK WHAT YOU DO FOR WORK, BUT HONESTLY DOCUMENTARIES/DEEP DIVES MIGHT BE YOUR CALLING!!!! Honestly every time I watch your opening, I feel like I’m about to watch a Netflix documentary. xD

Author — kikibummie


I hope Kiki hears this story. Like she has has such an impact on people and I feel like she has no idea. She is the reason I became anti MLM too! Thank you to all the channels that now dedicate their time to educating people!!

Author — Alicia Wistrand


Huge props to her for her integrity, that takes guts. It'll be great once she is free to speak out publicly

Author — Maddy C


Please interview more former top reps. This is such an untold story

Author — bellezanegra0206


I got sucked into mary kay when i was 19 years old( im 32 now) and was soo ashamed for so long because i waisted so much money. Thank you for sharing these stories to help people get out or not get sucked in.

Author — Becca Simmons


I got sucked into MK when I was 22 & pregnant with my first baby. Wasted so much money that could’ve gone to my sweet babe. Almost got sucked back in (Arbonne) and my guy was feeling off. Researched this morning and found your video. Thank you for reminding me why I left an MLM to begin with and why I shouldn’t go back. They are no different.

Author — The Wild Billingsleys


This Jane Doe takes her former teams success as a personal responsibility. She would make a good CEO for her own company where she makes the rules ethically.

Author — Angmari


I think I broke up with mine today...left all the group chats and I'm not promoting any of their lies anymore. I signed up under one of my oldest friends and kept a very open but realistic mind. Unfortunately...she drank the kool aid and I just can't. I'm not staying to keep her above water anymore.

Author — CrystalClearWaters


OMG I followed "Jane doe" for years when I was in Arbonne. I just about spit my drink out when I saw her pictures lol. Knowing how close she was to one of arbonnes top earners I've always been waiting for her to spill the tea. This content is top notch, amazing job to both of you!

Author — Shaelin Stacey


Thank you both for being so brave and speaking out against one of the worst industries in the market. I've been following your channel for a while and you never disappoint. I hope it gets big soon, because not only do you deserve that and more, but more people need to listen to your side of the story so the constant lies collapse once and for all.

Author — maf


I’ve been antiMLM without knowing it lol but recently fell into the antiMLM hole of YouTube and Kiki Chanel’s antiMLM playlist is 🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥 I think I found this channel while watching her videos!
Kiki Chanel = 👸🏼
AntiMLM YouTube hole is getting so lit now too!! I’m so happy!!

Author — Jess Lo


A girl on my FB is in a CBD MLM and she couldn't even take ONE DAY off to give BIRTH!! 35 minutes after pushing a whole ass human out of her she was on a Zoom call!!!

Author — Amanda S


I was in an MLM for three years. Lost money each year. I finally realized it's better to work at a real job where they pay you for your time. It's actually easier.

Author — SherryMarion


I would like to thank her for sharing her story.

Author — Linda Andersson