The Big Short's Steve Eisman: Canada's bank CEOs 'extremely ill-prepared' for credit cycle

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The Big Short's Steve Eisman: Canada's bank CEOs 'extremely ill-prepared' for credit cycle 5

Neuberger Berman's Steve Eisman, the money manager made famous by the book 'The Big Short' and its film adaptation, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss why he's short Canadian banks.

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Wow Steve Carrell NAILED THAT ROLE! He sounds just like him that's so crazy

Author — JBass14


He apologized so many times.. I think he became canadian. Lol

Author — Alpha Bravo


"listen I'm not here for 5%"

Author — Marc Baldassi


"You can't have negative loan loss provisions forever" - the fact they even exist should send shivers down your spine.

Author — Without Worries


Really appreciate Steve Eisman coming on to explain in depth his thinking. Very valuable interview.

Author — Kieran Law


I'm Canadian. Short away at the banks, no need to apologize for taking from the cartel.

Author — Dep Nox


Translation, it's just about time for a bankster bailout

Author — Oicub


the interviewer is pretty sharp. thumbs up

Author — Robert Blue


I'd like to see STeve with the same insane eye makeup the anchor has on.

Author — Marsh Wetland


i may advise my dad's firm about this lol, i'm Canadian and i want TD to fall.

Author — Paul Young


a decade of zero and close to zero interest rates around the world means a lot of bubbles are about to pop. Tsla, corporate bonds/junk bonds, real estate, stocks, etc

Author — Bob Smith


This guy knows what is up... And down. 🏁

Author — Philip Angelo


He's going for at least 30+% given it could take a few months to years to realize

Author — Jean-Philippe Melanson


Ok, so he's had six more months of paying 5% divvys on his shorts....and his position is a further 5-10% in the red....I wonder how long he can keep this up???

Author — Francois Lepine


This lady is very intelligent to know how to ask good questions with this guy and keep her cool. She seems very knowledgeable.

Author — Ms. Carlson


The Canadian government will back the insured loans... and Canadian tax payers back the government if they can't cover the losses.

We're gonna get F%#"*ed

Author — Furiousbeard


You don’t have to apologize that much just because you are talking to a Canadian!

Author — Nicola Tesla


Steve was spot on, it is going on right now.

Author — Fading Mist


I think the level of denial among Canadian financial "experts" is an alarming red flag.

This man is simply betting that things should go in the direction that they appear to be going. A normal credit cycle. Not a calamity. Even this suggestion is met with resistance. In many cases, vitriolic resistance. Nobody is able to argue why this man is incorrect, I'm simply hearing smears and denial.

This is cause for concern. Mortgagees should prepare themselves, especially if you were conned into a variable rate. HELOC users should be at red alert.

Author — Matthew Bond


This reporter definitely did her homework, BNN just got a new subscriber!

Author — Franklin Sanchez Martinez