Miss Universe 2020 - Who are the HOSTS?!!

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Mario Lopez previously hosted Miss Universe in 2007.

Author — Gregory Griffon


Is Miss Universe 2020 gonna be live on FOX or streamed on the MU YouTube Channel this year?

Author — entertainment austin


Steve Harvey is under Fox Network. MU’s contract with Fox is only 5 years, which ended last year. This year’s broadcaster is still not sure. That’s why Steve won’t be hosting.

Author — Agent


OMG Harvey is not going to be the host at MU ? Its the best news this year.

Author — Roberto Moraga


Esto quiere decir que Steve conducira el certamen en diciembre ?

Author — Ana Ochoa


Really?! Of all the former winners they could have chosen they had to choose her. I’m not sure I can see Olivia doing a good job. I think she’s contrived and I just don’t think she’s all that interesting!

Author — Davey Mühlethæler


Steve Harvey should have been retired after 2015... then he showed his ugliness when he spoken up against 2017’s winner so it’s time for someone new! Get a woman to host!

Author — Jean Tredoux