FIRST LOOK: 2019 Proton Saga facelift – from RM32,800

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

The evergreen Proton Saga has been given a comprehensive makeover for 2019. But are the changes just skin deep, or is there more than meets the eye? Our man Hafriz Shah takes a detailed look at all of the revisions in this walk-around video.

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Personally I would like to give a big thumbs up that Proton did for this, Persona and Iriz.

ABS, traction control, bigger brakes, 1.3cc (fine with CVT or 4AT), large boot space, surrounding sensors, LED daytime lights, spacious interior, 2 USB ports, reverse camera, android head unit at below RM40k. 👍

Author — Jason Mok


For a price below 40K, this is the best sedan ! Fabulous Saga with a good design, VVT engine, all the necessary modern fittings and electronics, boot space, power to weight ratio, stylish, headrest, tyre size, brakes, traction control and sport mode (for premium model). Definitely much better in quality and value-for-money if compared to the Perodua Bezza. Great job Proton !

Author — carsten9168


The antenna placement at the back looks more modern then the previous varient.

Looking stylish as always Hafriz

Author — Hashim R.


i really love this 3rd gen of saga. the interior and exterior is so damn hot. the sport rim is more elegant and looks more sporty plus the s mode is really great upgrading. thank you proton !

Author — Fikri Abdul Razak


This price cannot be beat, especially with the features it comes with. Definitely something I would recommend to new car buyers on a budget compared to to the Bezza.

Author — Jason Wong


Finally, after so many years, proton is going in the right direction. My younger self would definately make this my first car.

Author — Dylan Lim


Finally, we can bit goodbye to the lousy CVT gearbox that jerks when we move the car!! Good job proton...

Author — Calvin


The best looking 15" rims in the Proton family by far.

Author — Mikey


Welcome back Saga. It is refreshing and really lives to the philosophy of it being the peoples car. The peoples of Malaysia of course. Great work P R O T O N

Author — chegon511


The best Saga so far.
Best for fresh graduates as their first car post graduation.

Author — Azwad


Great looking and feature packed inside out..good job with 4AT, the best and reliable transmission to date..cvt yes is more fuel eco, but mind you to replace and service them is a pain once the time is takeaway though is the pricing of Manual, imho it should be lower considering the previous one goes down to 29k include otr in cny promo.. hopefully this one gets the same discount aswell before the all-new Almera changes my mind nxt year😄

Author — HuntaKiller


This car looks nice. I love the interior.

Author — Aqif Ilmam


It shows that proton is serious about improving their fleets

Author — fikry Ettex


They could have done such pricing and specs long ago, kudos Geely! (and Proton)

Author — Raymond Baring


Somehow after listening to your review, I'm under the impression that our original proton management was complete useless without Geely. Only after Geely bought themselves in can we see admirable and significant changes to the proton range of cars. Does that mean we're so incompetent to come up with acceptable changes since 1985? Good grief!

Author — chewbaka


This is the proper design sedan by we know, the Proton designers put the best effort to make Persona more appealing as a sedan..but it still not good as the this new Saga, the rims is nice and chick beyond than every single model by any car maker in our market for sedan in price range below RM100k...yeah is hard to believe, but this is the truth to accept it. Good job for Protons team

Author — syukri desa


looking at the price, i can tell there prolly minor slack on this car but
with aftermarket parts here and there i bet it would turn out great. really looking forward on this new proton, hope they don't used major parts from geely.
good job proton.

Author — Al Shah


A car that's very close to all Malaysians before 2000s and after 2010. This was my first car five years ago and am super stoked seeing it move in the right direction. This is superb news

Author — Noah Thiru


Malaysian will appreciate this with sales volume! No.1 spot is totally urs Proton! Good job and good luck!!!!

Author — Mohd Nor Mohd Aminnullah


I like this Proton Saga facelift 😍 so nice 👍

Author — Aiman Dino