Street Interviews with Russians - Stereotypes About Russia

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Street Interviews with Russians - Stereotypes About Russia 5

Lets see what Russians think about American stereotypes about them. Street interviews is the best way to do it. Gonna be fun!

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Well, one thing we have discovered from these questions: Russians have a great sense of humour.

Author — Norma Mimosa


The other thing is, looking around and after having been to Russia. In asking the question about marrying to come to the states, how do you figure we live better than them when you take everything into account? Definitely a stereotype of the immediate post soviet period. True freedoms, culture, quality of food, type of people, politics. It’s been my experience that Russia is actually becoming a far better place to live than the US and improving every year. The same cannot be said for the myriad of growing problems we have in the states today.

Author — WestNoMore


People are people. I find young Western Europeans to be more unfriendly than Russians or Eastern Europeans.

Author — Custis Standish


So many lovely people Russia. I think the internet is helping to bring us closer and see through stereotypes.

Author — Guided Meditation


First comment! It's great to hear honest comments from real people on the street. It's nice to see an American and Russians having a good dialouge together. Awesome work. Спасибо большое.

Author — wardrm85


I graduated with my Russian friend Yuri from Oxford, we both work as software engineers, to me he is the most loyal friend I have and a resourceful fucking genius.

Author — Merida O'hara


"I found some Russian stereotypes on the internet."

Must have been the "American internet" judging by the insanely delusional, self-centered nonsense like "all Russians are communists" and "all Russian Women want to marry an American just to get a green card and move to the US."

Like, holy shit man...

Author — NPC_1138


Awesome video. I've never met aggressive Russians so far. In fact, they are super friendly.

Author — Leopard


Man russia seems like a cool place to visit

Author — tipsy reddog28


Love the scenery as much as the interviews. What a beautifull city ! And people ofcourse.

I’ll pay a visit sometime soon :)

Author — Rifet Okic


Lived in Russia, best people in the world

Author — Francis Bellati


Russia people they're very helpful friendly I was visit January many people are helping thanks Russia people

Author — mujaffar mujaffar


The Russians just lied to you, after the poll they went to drink vodka, play the balalaika of the USSR anthem and fight with the bears, while smoking a cigarette!

Greetings from Russia!)

Author — Jokyvait


tells us more about Americans stereotypes than Russian.



i wish he would stop asking the women "would *you* marry *me* to get a green card?" -- should rather ask both men and women if they perceive their own female population as being inclined to marry *an american* for a green card. making it personal like this is bound to invite a "no" because it's awkward.

Author — Klayperson


Putinist, that’s word of the day folks!

Author — Hendra Gunawan


The fighter and older woman were the most knowledgeable 👍

Author — Shannon Pickens


Growing up has a child Russians was always hated in the United States but I guess most of it was Russia didn’t participate in the genocide that took place in north and South America by the United States notable the British and Spanish who literally wiped out local tribes with bio weapons and mass killings and slavery. This is the reason I suspect Russia is so hated in the United States. Has for Europe they hated Russia because they got their A** kick several times when they tried to destroy Russia.

Author — Enamel Larry


Я никогда не поменяю родную, любимую Россию на Америку или другие страны! Привет из Иркутска, с Байкала

Author — Татьяна Симакова


Russians are awesome. We need many more Russians to come live in the United states. Bring everybody....Such good looking, smart intelligent people. A far cry from the completely immature, dangerous, foolish idiots that are being created in current day U.S. colleges.

Author — Joe surfer