Jimmy Wopo - 'Elm Street' [Official Video]

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

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Shot & cut by @catchrecmedia

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Official video for Jimmy Wopo's "Elm Street"

produced by Stevie B.

Directed by CatchRecMedia!

💬 Comments

May 21st, 2022, still listening to this absolute banger. RIP Jimmy Wopo

Author — Aaron Hires


5 years later, I'm still checking in to show love to the guy who made me appreciate rap.

Author — Casey808


Long live a legend 🙏 legends always stay in our hearts 💙. Rip jimmywopo

Author — OG ThunderVenom


Still bumpin Jimmy. He would be on fire with how the industry is, My condolences to his Family Rip Jimmy

Author — Bay Areas


I think the fact that his mum is running the channel is just so heartwarming, you raised a good kid ❤

Author — PFI RedNinja


This hit song deserves a guaranteed spot on the timeless legendary hit song list. RIP Wopo



This song really helped motivate me through my worst of times. Rest easy homie. You really mean a lot to us out here.

Author — Ghoste


Still bumping this Jimmy was dope R.I.P. Wopo condolences to his family 🙏

Author — EXYL11


My husband and son love this song … I never knew he passed .. oh my 😩😩 my prays and condolences to you and your family! Keep shinning bright where you are!

Author — Raeanne Dickerson


RIP bruh. His death was definitely overshadowed by X, but he deserves attention for his music.

Author — Kaeli Noel


This man made legendary music and it’s a shame he was gone too soon RIP Jimmy Wopo

Author — aloushblazeit_420


We love you and miss you Jimmy Wopo, thank you for the music you blessed us with. RIP my brotha

Author — Mayco Castillo


back here 2 years later still listening to this legend rip wopo

Author — YaitsJordon


bruh i remember finding this song in 2016 and thinking this man was gonna blow up. He did a little but not as much as he could have forsure. RIP jimmy

Author — Jgrizzly97


Wopo is a monster. I remember when this all happened. I was hoping he was going to show up for the Wiz Concert in cincinnati but wiz did a tribute and played like 3 or 4 wopo songs. The crowd went nuts

Author — Ethan


4 years later and we still haven’t forgotten about you💜🕊

Author — Iyas Gsad


Dude nice I listen to music all the time but I never heard this one until recently and I been playing it back to back.lyrics are on point much respect to wopo and family.god forgive me for my sins killed it..

Author — Bradney Brown


Makes me feel cold that Jimmy is being ignored and X is getting the spotlight. I love X. But Jimmy died aswell. Feels bad...

Author — broadway brat


This plays at every kick back we have. Goes down as a classic. Rip

Author — MALABUU_


Can’t believe we lost 2 legends the same day long live wapo this song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Young Dugg