Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019

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Top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019 4.5

top 10 most dangerous airports in the world 2019 including their dangerous runways
Many pilots believe that the most dangerous stages during the flight - are takeoffs and landings.
But there are airports in the world where plane takeoffs and landings are scary even for highly professional pilots - they have to show real miracles of maneuverability!
In this top 10 list, you'll find out which airport is the world most dangerous 2019 and why.
Discover how dangerous can be an airport

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The guy that messed up on number three deserved it. He came in all  rared  back  like he knows everything.; Didn't touch down, until I was ready to do a touch and go. No wonder he ran out of runway. Apparently he thinks if you are unfamiliar, just blast in there, and hope for the best. I'd  be interested in what damage was done, and the estimate.

Author — Skip Dow


Who else is watching this video while being quarantined at home? 👇👇

Author — Free No Copyright Music For Travel Vlog


Should be named: Top 10 Worst designed Airports.

Author — The White Jarl - Chosen of Odin


The names of the Airports should have been written on the screen.

Author — Robert Bellarmine Okudi


When you put a Boeing "MAX" aircraft at the beginning of your video. I think the title of your video should now focus on the most dangerous airplane.

Author — mesa45


04:15 The runway look small from the air,
Until an Antonov 124 landed. LOL!

Author — rori sipahutar


Page Pago, "America Samoa" is dangerous

Author — Dj Smeby


I love how at the end we are also introduced to the most dangerous airplane manufacturer in the world!

Author — Jamie Murdock


really, to be honest for me the most scarefull things during journey by plan is to be the turbolance moments, so for me the most dangerous is no 6

Author — shamsrehman wazir


I’d feel safe landing on a’s the drive to the airport that terrifies me😱

Author — Dan Fraser


I believe that the Toncontin Airport is the most extreme of all of them. it must be taken into consideration also the daily air traffic in each one of them.

Author — Leonor I. Pérez Corea


Update: the world’s most dangerous airport is in Iran 🇮🇷

Author — Kwentong OFW


I have landed and taken off from LUKLA Nepal a few times and still scares me something else...

Author — Dave Boyd


3 was just hilarious....oml cant believe a runway can be approved in such shortage

Author — brandon 101


The last clip of number six the airplane was like SKRRR I'm back bois

Author — diana oteh


I never want to hear the word miracle with the words Take off and landings

Author — John Doe


that landing at 4:53 was pretty fregging amazing

Author — Spain on a Fork


Is anyone stuck in a never ending hole of top ten videos? Yeh me too...

Author — Katie Mounsey


You have missed out Saba airport! Very short runway on top of a rock.

Author — Maarten de Vries


Interesting topic, some compelling footage, but the English in the narration is not so well.

Author — dave williams