#JanataCurfew | पुणे, नाशिक, औरंगाबाद आणि कोल्हापुरात जनता कर्फ्यूची काय स्थिती? |ABP MAJHA

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#JanataCurfew | पुणे, नाशिक, औरंगाबाद आणि कोल्हापुरात जनता कर्फ्यूची काय स्थिती? |ABP MAJHA 4.5

#JanataCurfew | पुणे, नाशिक, औरंगाबाद आणि कोल्हापुरात जनता कर्फ्यूची काय स्थिती? | ABP MAJHA

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Amch tumch naka karu Maharashtra apla ahe mg pune mumbai sarv apl ahe support kara bhandana nhi

Author — Manju Pande


COVID 19 चा प्रसार रोखण्यासाठी लग्न, साखरपूडा, हळद अशा समारंभांवर काही काऴासाठी बंदी आणली पाहिजे.

Author — K P


तुम्ही का बाहेर फिरत आहात??? घरात बसा !!! ड्रोन ने शूटिंग घ्या!! निर्बुद्ध प्रदर्शन करत आहात तुम्ही

Author — Prakash Ghule


Are तुम्ही लोक अजून carona positive बरोबर intervie घ्या ना घाबरला का

Author — Rupesh B


Kamit kami 10 diwas janata karfue pahije ek diwasane kahi honar nahi

Author — rahul padwal


Mala ek goshta kalat nahie... Tumhi (ati shahane) loka ka baher padla ahat? Footage ch ghyaychay tar drone footage ghya, gadit kacha laun footage ghya! You are contributing to the spread of corona in a way...you could be a carrier, ani tondala rumal bandhun kahipan farak padnar nahie!

Author — Sushrutt Alekar


Are ha tr nashik cha itihaas sangu rahila
Cbs rk panchavati ch bol

Author — Sunil Gangode


सगळ्या नाशिक च्या वतीने सांगू इच्छितो की एबीपी न्यूज ने कोरोणा पाॅजीटीव पेशंटची मुलाखत का घेत नाही.

Author — Kailas Surose


Akalahi mask nahi. ....he news valech ajar pasravnar. ...hyoch bhadva gharatun boltuya. Ulatsulat bolun bhadkavto. ..hechya bayk...nakkich special khapat asnar. ....😉tyana laych ghay ki appeal nadli. .

Author — Avinash Rananaware


IT companies of hinjwadi pressurising to come office even government locked down ..IT industry comes innon essential service even though hinjwadi IT companies not following government rules..
Infosys, Wipro, , HCL, Tech Mahindra, are doing illigal activity in back side.. government and administration should ordered them strictly because IT employees are epicenter due to contact, connect, touch may happen in foreign return employees from last one month ..below is manager SMS
1)Hi all, for next few days employees can all come in business casuals and formals is not mandatory... Until further notice from HR... Please ensure the decency is maintained though.
2) Guys... Mgmt team will call you to let you know who needs to be in the office. We have got permission to work from office
As per above manager calling they have received permission from administration if some thing dangerous happen in this panic situation then administration and company will be fully responsible to that casulities of these serious pendamic..IT is not come in any emergency services or essential services so government and administration should take strict action ...one more rule government applied that all MIDC electricity supply should cut down so no one will do such illigal things..safe distance is needed and non emergency IT service is not following this rule..

Author — Nation First Maratha


Mumbai 101% banda ahay khup chaan pratisad Narendra modi jina ani Udhav thakray yana

Author — Nilam agone


Drones cha vaapar kara reporting saathi please.. niyam modu naka.. atleast wear masks qhile reporting.

Author — janvi s.


सबसे पहले सभी न्युज रेपोर्टर्स, खास करके ABP के, इन सब को नंगा करके कोडे लगवाने चाहीये,
एक तरफ कोरोना का कहर चल रहा हैं और ये रेपोर्टर्स न्युज के लिये भीड लगा रहे हैं,
TRP की होड मे किसीं भी रेपोर्टर्स ने मास्क पहना हैं ना ही लोगो ने पहना हैं,
जनता कर्फ्यु, सोशल डिस्टन्स की धज्जीया उडा रहे हैं!!!

Author — Salam India


Punyat ajun firaylet aayghale kahijn.. gppp ghri bsun aay ghalaychi Na😠😡

Author — Pradeep Waghmare


Kranti chowak Paithan gate cha rasta ahe Aurangabad mdhe Jabardastt pratisad detat amche Aurangabadkr

Author — Shreyash khande


तू कशामुळे मरतोस घरीच बस कायदा मोडू नका

Author — Mhadev Thorat